What are Awesome Widgets?


Awesome Clock

Awesome clock is a completely styleable clock with comprehensive weather coverage.  With a single tap you can switch between 3 hourly weather and 5 day weather.

Awesome Bar

Awesome widgets gives you a bundle of "Micro-widgets" that you can add to your customised Awesome Bar to take complete control of your Android phone.

Why should I get Awesome Widgets?

Widgets by the dozen!

There are over 40 Micro-widgets to choose from allowing you quick access to applications and settings on your phone while saving a lot of space.  See our features page for the extensive list.

Great Weather!

Ok, so we can't guarantee you it will be sunny all year round, but we can at least tell you if you need to pack that umbrella with our 3 hourly weather and 5 day summary.

Skins / Themes

To customise your phone as much as you like, there are hundreds of *Skins to download that will allow you to make your Awesome Widgets your own.  You can download a skin that shows off the latest style or represents your sporting team, it's up to you.  If you don't find exactly what you want you can easily create a simple skin in around 10 minutes.

* A Skin is a collection of graphics which can completely transform the look of the widgets.  They consist of a background image and optionally a number of widget icon images

Application Shortcuts

As well as the provided micro-widgets you can also add shortcuts to already installed apps to the Awesome Bar.  This means that you can have up to 12 app shortcuts per row rather than the usual 4, saving your lots of space on your home page.

Sounds Awesome! How do I get it?

Awesome Widgets are now available from the android market


Featured in Android Tapp 4.3 out of 5
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