Awesome Clock and Weather!


Completely stylable clock and weather widget with a custom icon.  Easily switch between 3 hourly and 5 day weather by tapping on the date or location.  To edit the widget simply tap the icon and to go to your alarm clock, tap on the time.

Widgets by the dozen!

We have made over 40 "Micro-Widgets"* for you to choose from.  You can choose up to 12 of these for your Awesome Bar.  If you aren't happy with just 12, simply add another toolbar with more micro-widgets. 

Of course, you don't need to add the full 12 to your Awesome Bar, it's up to you how many you add, depending on screen and finger size.  It can also be useful to simply add 1 to the toolbar as something that is easily clicked in an emergency (e.g. the torch/flashlight widget for the middle of the night).

Here is a full list of the current Micro-widgets: -


5 Day - Today
5 Day - Tomorrow
5 Day + 2 days
5 Day + 3 days
5 Day + 5 days

Current Weather
Weather + 3 hours
Weather + 6 hours
Weather + 9 hours
Weather + 12 hours


Auto Sync
Auto Rotate
Flight Mode
Brightness (Low/Med/High/Auto)
Screen Lock


Battery Indicator + Usage Shortcut (accurate to 1% if your device supports it)


APN Settings
Accessibility Settings
Application List
Application Settings
Bluetooth Settings
Date/Time Settings
Display Settings
Dock Settings
Flight Mode Settings
GPS Settings
Language Settings
Password Settings
Security Settings
Sound Settings
Text to Speech Settings
VPN Settings
Voice Settings
WIMAX Settings
Wifi Settings


Force the device to lock
Send Email Instantly
Send SMS Instantly

* A Micro-widget is a small toggle switch or settings shortcut

Skins / Themes

A Skin or Theme is a way to dramatically transform the look of the widget by changing the icon and background graphics.  There are a number of built in Skins provided for the Awesome Bar, but there are also hundreds of downloadable skins available to download at the click of a button.

Some skins also allow customization of the colours of the icons or background to have a skin that is totally unique to you.

If you don't find a skin you like you can easily make your own skin to support your favourite team or for an occasion or whatever your like, be creative!

Creating a skin can be done in around 10 minutes for a simple background, or if you want to go further you can change the look of some or all of the icons.  Take a look at the tutorials for further information

App Shortcuts

As well as the provided micro-widgets you can also add shortcuts to already installed apps to the Awesome Toolbar.  This means that you can have up to 12 app shortcuts per row rather than the usual 4.  This will save a lot of space on your home page.