Awesome Widgets Progress
We have made some good progress with Awesome Widgets (Although not the website yet as you can probably see!)

We currently have the following widgets: -
  • Sound - on / off / vibrate
  • Wifi Toggle
  • Flight Mode Toggle
  • Bluetooth Toggle
  • Lock on sleep toggle
  • Brightness Toggle - low/med/high/auto
  • Auto Rotate Toggle
  • Auto Sync Toggle
  • GPS Toggle (2.2 only)
  • Torch / Flashlight
  • Battery Indicator
  • Lock Screen
  • New Email
  • New SMS
We have also added the ability to add shortcuts to installed apps.  This will allow as many as 12 shortcuts in a single 4x1 widget, saving a lot of space.  You do not need to fill up all 12 spaces, use a few or as many as your screen and fingers allow.  Should you want a single wide button, you have that option