Macrorit Disk Scanner free download the latest version Macrorit Disk Scanner -. Software tool to test Hard Disk Drive and to identify it bad sectors Software testing the hard drive at the quality of the work, so that the user can detect bad sectors and errors that hinder the functioning, in time to protect against […]

Query Tool (using ADO) 6.1 Query Tool (using ADO) is a Universal Data Access (UDA) tool. This allows you to query data sources OLE DB, author SQL scripts and queries, execute multiple SQL scripts or stored procedures simultaneously, return query results to a grid or free-form text, export results to Excel, XML and HTML […]

Download ADVANCED Codecs Free for Windows ADVANCED Codecs download to your computer in English The latest English version ADVANCED Codecs download for PC free of viruses, registration and sms The package of codecs for proper playback of media files. It allows the player opens a variety of video and audio formats, without inhibitions and errors. […]

Magellan Once the sensors to one of the stations of NASA reached a signal from our solar system. When experts have processed the received signal, the guide instructed astronaut Roger Nelson important and difficult mission. He will have to go it alone in the boundless space, while in the Magellan spacecraft. It takes a lot […]

Winforms HTML-editor Does anyone know a good free HTML-editor for .NET winforms. Ideally I would like html and preview modes along with the ability to export to PDF, Word DOC or the like Another useful feature -. Paste from word that removes all unnecessary tags, which you usually face, but, again, it is good when […]

Stella Deus, The Gate of Eternity Stella Deus (JP) The world is dying. Country Solum surrounded by poisonous fog. This fog devours everything in its path and is slowly moving to the few remaining towns and villages, going to absorb the rest of humanity. The main religion of the world, Aeque, teaches that it is […]

Google Earth

Google Earth With creation tools, you can draw on the map, add your photos and videos, customize your view, and share and collaborate with others. Draw on map Add labels to identify the main place in the project, or draw on the map lines and shapes. Add photos and videos Customize Change the angle of […]

EPSON Scan – download EPSON Scan for free EPSON Scan lets you control multi-scanning mode in several modes. In automatic mode, the user can not make complicated settings, there is no preview. This mode is ideal for scan photos and documents that are scanned in full size. It is possible to restore faded colors. Adjust […]

The 5 Best Free DDNS service First, it is the dynamic DNS? Dynamic DNS ( DDNS or DynDNS ) – is a system of mapping domain names to IP-addresses. This allows a single web address to point to changing the IP-address that is perfect for home users as the IP-address does not always remain the […]

Norton Power Eraser antivirus scanner Norton Power Eraser antivirus scanner Norton Power Eraser – this is a free tool to remove viruses , which can be downloaded and run to remove the malware and threats from your computer. Scanning Using this tool, you can perform even in the presence of Symantec or other […]