4 dashboards to increase sales

4 dashboards to increase sales

Commercial Director Ringostat Konstantin Chervyakov tells how to optimize business processes and increase sales through automated dashboards.

Why dashboards

If you want the transaction were not disrupted and sales team worked in full force, do not ignore automation – configure dashboards

  1. The correctness of the data You do not need to carry.. data from one table to another or read manually. So the probability of errors in the reports is reduced to zero.
  2. Save time. All data is automatically tightened. Employees do not need to regularly make the same reports, the manager can see the information you need in a couple of clicks.
  3. Transparent data. This is especially significant if the incentive system is tied to the KPI. Managers know that the figures will be calculated automatically and can not be rigged. So no one will question why one employee was promoted, and the other – a reprimand
  4. Automated dashboards save me and other staff time for more important tasks. than filling the tables.

    What you need to create dashboards

    Understand principles. I’ll talk about the most basic principles of building dashboards. By mastering them, you will already understand how to work with data and structure them. In the future you will be able to apply these principles to create reports with more sophisticated tools such as Power Bi.

    Analyst. You’ll need a staff member who will work with the data. Distracting for that top managers are not worth it, but not necessarily to hire an expert with experience – it can grow in the process. This can be a student of a technical college, who likes numbers and is able to,

    • google – it sounds primitive, but it is important to be able to find the necessary information, formulate queries correctly < / li>
    • search on GitHub, and Stack Overflow – these resources programmers around the world share the code,
    • work in Google Spreadsheets , and be able to work with formulas,
    • to delve into the Google Apps Script , and in the future will learn it to write.

    to integrations, I recommend the online designer AUTOMATION Zapier, which allows two web applications to work together. So the analyst does not have to program a couple of clicks he will be able to integrate multiple applications and get rid of duplicate contacts and transactions in CRM.

    How do we create dashboards

    • write the terms of reference for the creation of reports – the only way to get from analytics is exactly what you need,
    • to delve into details – you need to understand where comes from and how to count every specific figure


    1. Writes the script with an API request to the Google Apps script.
    2. is shaping the future structure of the sheet to be obtained. For example, 5 columns and 3 lines with certain parameters.
    3. Starts Google Apps Script.
    4. Indicates scheduler frequency of data updates.
    5. Script tightens data of the Google sheet Spreadsheets.
    6. Some data is automatically recalculated according to formulas.
    7. The mechanics of creating reports can vary depending on the tools and objectives. For example, for SaaS, I recommend an article about building niche dashboards without programming.

      Now, let us consider examples of specific dashboards that we use in the first year.

      1. Dashboards to support

      In this case, it determines 50% of the technical support team of the salary – a bonus for them is tied to the achievement of KPI. To communicate with customers sales department uses Intercom platform. To it is connected-mail, Facebook, chat on the website and blog.

      At the Intercom has a built-in reporting, but it met our needs just 30%, so we created our own dashboards. For this purpose, API Intercom and using Google Apps Script pulled data between clients with all the options, upload them to Google spreadsheets and structured.

      In the report it is clear who will respond to treatment, who closed more dialogue, some estimate put the customer and so on. If you use this data to improve after-sales service, you can get more satisfied customers, which is especially important for the niche with repeated purchases and for those who value reputation.

      2. Dashboards for sales

      Universal report for the sales department there, since the sum of the number of closed transactions – this is important, but are not limited to performance indicators. Consider for example, that more can be included in dashboards.

      It was a little built-in reporting CRM Pipedrive, so we used this system API to using Google Apps Script to upload data into the table and collect them from the dashboards. The result is a volume table with lots of columns. Here are just a part of it with the core indicators,

      1. ROI (return on investment) – return on investment. In our example – in the sales department. When calculating consider all the costs of the department, salaries, the costs of organizing the workplace, CRM, rent, etc.
      2. MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads) – in this case, all the leads are. for a certain period, which have not been instituted in CRM
      3. SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) – conditionally interested in the purchase of lead,. it is not a phone spam, lead to adequately communicate with him able to contact the three attempts, the product can meet their needs, etc.
      4. MQL conversion in SQL -. factor helps to identify problems and by marketing and by selling hand

        The primary data lidah pulled from the CRM. Table prescribed formula to the conditions which lead is regarded as MQL or SQL. Their conversion is considered to be built using a simple formula.

        3. Report missed calls

        Missed call means that you pay for bringing Lida, and received his competitor, so the company must keep track of the number of missed calls and reduce them. To do this, we use data on the calls of its own service. In it there are some reports about missed calls. Form a report,

        Here we can see how many calls were missed, and their percentage of all calls, the date, the phone rings. Also we see the reason, there is no response, including voice mail, busy

        Note that the table does not nick managers because of a missed call meets the entire department, because we have set up call forwarding.. If someone picks up the phone, the scheme redirects the call to the next chain manager. If a call is missed, the entire department received a reprimand.

        4. Motivating Report

        The report, kindling managers in a competitive spirit. It is necessary to include all the employees of the department KPI and withdraw their names. This document must be accessible to all managers and motivate them to keep up with colleagues and overtake them in the results.


        1. Use dashboards. It will pay off, the automation will save time and will provide useful insights will reduce to zero error
        2. Find the analyst – or any student who is friends with the numbers.. . Desirable skills, to be able to google, search on GitHub, and Stack Overflow, understand Google Spreadsheets and Google Apps Script
        3. to delve into the details – from catching up the numbers and they are considered indicators
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