5 Best Free DDNS service

The 5 Best Free DDNS service

First, it is the dynamic DNS? Dynamic DNS ( DDNS or DynDNS ) – is a system of mapping domain names to IP-addresses. This allows a single web address to point to changing the IP-address that is perfect for home users as the IP-address does not always remain the same.

If you want to remotely connect to your PC or set up a home web server , the dynamic DNS – this is one of the easiest ways to customize

So, what are the best free dynamic DNS.? Should you use them? Here’s everything you need to know.

Best free Dynamic DNS services

DynDNS always referred to as a free service. But now that it’s gone, there any good alternatives come from? Let’s look at five DNS-services that may be worthy contenders for the setting in the home network.

Dynamic DNS Dynu service allows you to use as a top-level domains (using your own domain), and third-level domains (capture subdomains on dynu.com). top-level domains will work regardless of which country owns the domain. In conjunction with its user-friendly features, Dynu is by far the best free dynamic DNS-service.

The great thing is that Dynu simplifies configuration by providing Dynu Client, which runs on your computer in the background. Every time changing your IP-address, the client will automatically update Dynu, so you do not need to worry about synchronization.

Free accounts can have up to 4 sub-domains. Go to a paid account for 9.99 USD. Per year to unlock 500 subdomains Dynu and advanced features such as unlimited forwarding through the Internet, an unlimited number of MX records, an unlimited number of custom DNS records of DNSSEC, backup and restore, and more another.

Do not let the name of the country afraid.org scare you. This free service is a dynamic DNS – they also offer other types of free hosting – easily can be called one of the best free Dynamic DNS services

You get five free subdomains afraid.org domain settings <.. / strong> you can also use an unlimited number of domains, sub-domains, plus 20 for each. Setting up an account takes less than five minutes, DNS indication is instantaneous, and due to their overall pool of available domains to choose from more than 55,000 domains. Free URL redirection is also available

DuckDNS -. is a free DDNS service, created with the use of Amazon AWS infrastructure. Their website is extremely simple, but that’s fine, because the dynamic DNS – it’s pretty simple service, it does not require extravagant. . DuckDNS truly one of the best free services Dynamic DNS

However, the weak design of their website indicates that they offer, DuckDNS does only one thing, and they focus all their efforts on this. This decision was conditioned by the fact that DuckDNS run only two programmers (although engineers with extensive experience in the industry)

It is remarkable that they have a set of written guidelines that will help you configure DuckDNS on different platforms. – on Windows, OS X, and Linux to the DD-WRT, Amazon EC2, and even the Raspberry Pi.

Accounts can have up to five sub-domains to duckdns.org. In addition, they store as little of your data as possible and store all the necessary information in a private database, which will never be sold.

no-IP has always been one of the largest DynDNS competitors in the market of free dynamic DNS (DynDNS began in 1998, no-IP began in 1999), and when DynDNS crashed, he had a good opportunity to take the crown. Unfortunately, over the past few years it has gradually shifted to the premium service.

Free users get three sub-domain of a limited list of options of the domain name. However, the validity of these subdomains never expire if you agree to the activity every 30 days. You also get a port forwarding and redirect URL, which can be useful depending on your use case. It’s pretty simple, but reliable service.

For $ 24.95 a year, you can get up to 25 subdomains, 80+ options and domain names, and eliminate the need for confirmation of activity to keep your subdomains. If you want to use your own domain, you will need to upgrade the package to $ 29.95 per year, which also increases the number of subdomains to 50.

Although Securepoint DynDNS web site difficult to navigate, they are free dynamic DNS service worth the effort. You will see that they offer right on the main page, a free and secure dynamic DNS is absolutely free, even if you are not a client Securepoint

As a free user, you can create up to five hosts, using the Securepoint. DynDNS. And you have a choice of 10 different domains as a base for your dynamic DNS-addresses. Securepoint DynDNS uses security tokens system updates (only host who knows the refresh token can update dynamic DNS settings) and supports IPv6 addresses.

In general, a fairly simple service without any frills. Please note that the Securepoint – is a German company that will not affect you in terms of efficiency of dynamic DNS, but you still have to navigate in some basic German language

What is a free dynamic DNS service is right for you.?

If you are, chances are that you have to deal with dynamic IP-which may change at any time, using a home computer ever want to set up a server on the network. Just keep in mind that Dynamic DNS allows you to use a single address that may indicate you no matter what your IP-address actually.

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