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ATITool 0.27 + Activation Key

ATITool – not just another software for the video card settings. TechPowerUp company from year to year, produces high quality products that can be seen on the GPU-Z and Real Temp examples. The information presented in this article, the utility – is no exception. From the name you can guess that the program is designed for ATI video cards, but this is not true. Recently, it also supports NVIDIA adapters. The main task of the developers working on ATITool, was improved performance.

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    to get the version with advanced features, you are required a minimum of cost. On our website there is a complete version of the utility with built-in key publicly available.


    The program is a set of components, features and functions. You’re not just doing overclocking. There is a system monitoring, fault detection, management of different kinds of settings. ATITool equipped with innovative module capable disperse adapter in automatic mode. This is a big plus, because you do not need to turn to help, review the video tutorials and spend a lot of time in search of the necessary tools. You only need to start overclocking, then the program begins the process.

    In the present ATITool unique element. In the interface you will find the 3D image, which changes its shape depending on the fluctuations. This is an interesting phenomenon for experienced users, but also a useful feature for people who are not versed in this area. Based on the vibrations, you can understand what it is enclosed adapter difficulty productivity.

    Leave the work of the program in the window for 15 minutes and watch the temperature. If it is time to exceed 65 degrees, you must take the card cooling. The appearance of the yellow dots on the 3D picture will be witnessing failure of your device. Option Scan for Artifacts analysis mode starts and memory cores. If within 15 minutes the meter in the lower left corner is cleared to 0, it indicates that your card contains no errors and it works correctly

    Main features ATITool:.

    1. temperature control of the fans.
    2. scan mode for ATI-cards and for cards from other manufacturers.
    3. Acceleration through Direct3D and with the help of visual components.
    4. Support for different profiles of operation depending on the operating system Windows.
    5. Acceleration, if necessary with the help of application recognition.

    Download sewed key

    ATITool – distinctive application that stands out from the analogues. Even many users use NVIDIA ATITool, marking his superiority over other manufacturers tools. This is not surprising, because in this program there are no restrictions on the frequency of acceleration. The utility supports the language that runs on all Windows and supports cards of different manufacturers. You can download ATITools on our website absolutely free. The installation file is sewn activation key. This will allow you to access all functions of the program.