Axxon Next 4

Axxon Next 4.2.1 + Activation Key

Axxon Next – the best solution for the monitoring system. If you want to create high-quality video surveillance, this program will be the most appropriate means. An important feature is support for broadcasting to 16 connected devices simultaneously. In this article we will look at the strengths and weaknesses of the program side, a look at the functions and operations of Axxon Next.

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activation key

In the folder with the file embedded key that activates the full functionality. You do not need to do anything, the program is automatically activated.


Installation of Axxon Next will close once and for all the need to establish professional equipment for video monitoring of objects of different sizes. Utilities advantage, making it relevant for many years – devices for location visualization in 3D tracking. Surveillance results are stored in the archive up to 1 terabyte. Remote monitoring of the program is available for an unlimited number of users

Features Axxon Next:.

  1. on the movement of reaction The program includes a sensitive sensor that reacts to sound and any suspicious movement. You can remain calm while the monitor objects program.
  2. Multinablyudenie. Axxon Next supports the work of the 16 streams observations simultaneously.
  3. Remote Access. < / strong> you can always connect to the broadcast and learn about what is happening, even from your smartphone.
  4. The safe use. utility is a licensed collector does not contain pirated software.
  5. Check for updates. The app automatically finds new versions and updates to more urgent.

Axxon Next includes a number of necessary functions for easy video viewing in real time. You can easily set the object tracking with multiple cameras simultaneously. The program supports a binding unit to a 3D map of the object under observation. Developers of the most tried for their users, and added to the Axxon Next 10 hardware devices (motion detectors and termination of traffic, appearance and disappearance of elements / objects, sound sensors and objects).

How it works

during installation, the program prompts you to select one of the two software: the customer or client server. Also, during the installation time, you will be able to register an account for remote storage of records. The program guarantees the safety of your data and to prevent any hacking attempts.

After you run you get to the main Axxon Next box. Will be located on top of the band to preview, and below is broadcast to all connected cameras.

It is unlikely that there is a utility that has no flaws. Here are some of them contained in the Axxon Next:

  • the motion sensor is triggered in any area of ​​the image, and it can not be changed,
  • interface sometimes inconvenient, broadcast viewing can . accompanied by pop-ups,
  • to connect USB-cameras is limited

Download sewed key

The program exists in two versions: a trial and licensing. When using the first, you will experience some limitations and can not be connected to the monitoring device 16, as mentioned above. For the collection of the license you have to do nothing at all: on our site in the installation file sewn key allows to remove all restrictions. Download the application by clicking on the button below, and enjoy high-quality viewing.