Blender 3D Download 2021

Blender 3D 2021

Blender 3D – Feature-rich and easy-to-use tool for creating three-dimensional graphics. Its main functions include not only the modeling, but also visualization, creating simple videos and feature films, as well as rendering and game development.

for 3D-modeling program has a wide range of effects and tools for creating graphics, video and games. There are several modes of modeling, object mode and much more, which we will cover in this article.


Blender 3D has a Russian language support and is distributed under a free license. It works great on Windows Vista / 7/8/10 platform. The app has many useful tools, each of which performs its task at the highest level. To date, the utility continues to be supported by developers and gets regular updates.

Basic functions and features

  1. A huge number of built-in primitives (polygon and sculptural modeling, Bezier curves, metasphere and vector fonts ).
  2. Upgraded tools for rendering.
  3. Inverse kinematics and dynamics of rigid bodies, skeletal and mesh deformation is achieved through the tools of animation.
  4. The use of Python to create a file of motion and logic games.
  5. Have tool game Blender to perform interactive tasks (dynamic engine, programmable logic).
  6. The internal file system.
  7. Easy separation of objects and their data.
  8. Export files in obj format, dxf, 3ds.
  9. Unique effects for modeling (color schemes, transparent and floating elements).


With regards to the interface, beginners here are a hundred lknutsya problems. It is far from the standard that you can meet in analog applications. If you have already worked with such a program, it will be difficult to get confused, but for a beginner we recommend to seek help from the video tutorials. In the settings you can set hot keys for quick access to desired functions. All transactions are made using the keyboard.

Pros & Cons

Consider the strengths and weaknesses of Blender 3D.


  • the small size of the installation file.
  • combination with Windows 10,
  • round the clock technical support and a Russian forum,
  • a huge set for 3D-effects,
  • setting the working environment,
  • regular updates.


  • needs crack (you’ll find it in the installation file),
  • does not support Windows XP.

download 2021 to a direct link

on our site you can download Blender 3D for free and without any restrictions in functionality. Use this application if you like to work in the field of 3D-modeling using professional tools and unique effects.