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Bolide Movie Creator 4.0.1140 + Activation Key

Bolide Movie Creator- advanced video editor and the best option for beginners. The program works on all operating systems, starting with Windows Vista, occupies very little memory and is suitable in all respects for the people who start creating movies at home.

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The program is shareware. Use trial version is limited, and ends after 30 days. Moreover, it does not contain a lot of useful effects. To enjoy unlimited product on our website, you can download the program from the built-in key.


The program was developed in Russia, so it is not surprising that the interface is language. The utility was designed to work comfort and performance of all processes, including installation and commissioning. All options, features and tools also prescribed language. Tabs for a total of five:

  • a photo, video,
  • Audio,
  • effects,
  • transitions
  • More.

In the “”””More”””” contains virtual screens that simulate playing. Screens range from video on a billboard to play on the tablet. Despite the modest appearance, the program knows how much. It is worth noting a rich selection of processed formats: AVI, DVD, MP4, MPEG, 3GP, WMV, MKV. Save the video file can be in any known format, and convert to GIF, which is good news for users of social networks.

To get started, you do not need to learn from the video guide and familiarize with the instructions. Right at the start, you can start processing rollers. Add the source file into the program, you can one-click using drag and drop. The bottom panel is the utility and storyboard timeline. These two tools will allow to easily apply an effect on any video segment.

In addition to creating the slideshow, you can perform a qualitative change between the two images. Effect Name signed in clear language that allows you to select the most optimal. If you do not understand the transition, you can visually evaluate it on the transition from the image with the letter A to the letter B. View an animation on the move will allow instantly choose the right and get rid of blind poking under the program.

During the video processing can be extended and slow down, add sound and fully remove it and apply sound to the video. ZOOM important tool allows you to increase a separate part of the file. All describe the effect can add animated inserts to add creativity to your creation.

Download sewed key

Despite the normal interface, the program is impressive functionality. This is especially impressive in the full version, in which all limitations on the effects removed. On our site there is a license, which you can purchase for free. The installation sewn key file that activates during the installation tool and provides full access.