Corel WordPerfect Office

Corel WordPerfect Office

WordPerfect Office – office suite. It is the developer and owner of Corel Corporation. As of January 2011 the latest version is WordPerfect Office X5 (corresponds to the number 15), available in different versions, including Standard, Professional, Home & Student and Family Pack Edition.

at the same time it extends the earlier package of WordPerfect Office 12 Small Business Edition, which includes a wide range of applications, including picture editing, and Internet security tools.

The precursor was a package WordPerfect Suite , assembled by Novell in 1994 from a variety previously not integrate applications, of which the most famous WordPerfect. The stake was sold to Corel in 1996.



Version X5

Version X4

  • WordPerfect X4, word processor ( .wpd )
  • Quattro Pro X4, spreadsheet ( .qpw )
  • presentations X3, a program to create presentations and slideshows ( .shw )
  • WordPerfect mAIL, mail client and personal information manager.

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Business-based, in a package WordPerfect Office X4 – Professional Edition does not include a WordPerfect MAIL, but includes the following components,

  • Paradox, management software database.
  • WordPerfect Office Software development Kit, includes the specification of the file formats for WordPerfect Office, and various development tools.

Previous versions

  • InfoCentral, personal information manager.
  • CorelCENTRAL, personal information manager.
  • Trellix, a program for web design.
  • Dragon Natu rallySpeaking, speech recognition software (included only in the expansion pack, but not in the standard).

Problems with Unicode

Until versions the X5, despite continuing criticism, WordPerfect Office has not implemented Unicode support. For characters not included in the basic Latin alphabet, WordPerfect used its own encoding and own fonts. For this reason, WordPerfect Office is not widely used outside the English-speaking world. At the same time, this office suite is in demand among English-speaking lawyers.

Despite the problems with languages ​​based on non-roman scripts, until mid-2000 official UN documents in Arabic, English, French, English and Spanish were created in the format of WordPerfect.

since the package X5 Unicode support is provided for all WordPerfect Office applications. On formats conversion level provided enough correct compatibility with MS Office (up to MS Office 2007 version)

issued version

  • 1994 -. Novell Perfect Office for Windows 3.1 – WP 6.1 , Quattro Pro 6.0, Presentations 3.0, InfoCentral 1.1, Paradox 5.0 (Paradox is included only in the Professional package)
  • 1996 – Corel WordPerfect Suite 7 for Windows 95
  • 1996 -. Corel WordPerfect Suite , DOS – WP 6.2, Quattro Pro 5.6, Presentations 2.0
  • 1997 – Corel WordPerfect Suite 8
  • 1999 -. WordPerfect Office 2000 Professional (WordPerfect 9, Quattro Pro 9 Presentations 9, Paradox 9, CorelCENTRAL 9, Trellix 2)
  • 2001 – WordPerfect Office 2002 (version 10)
  • 2003 – WordPerfect Office (version 11)
  • 2004 – WordPerfect Office (version 12)
  • 2006 – WordPerfect Office X3 (version 13)
  • 2008 – Wordperfect Office X4 (version 14) with support for PDF, OpenDocument formats and Office Open XML
  • 2010 – WordPerfect Office X5 (Version 15)

Versions for Macintosh

Of the above components of the package had only version of WordPerfect for Macintosh. Development stopped on the version 3.5e, which Corel is released as free software (freeware) in 1998.