Credo Dat 4

Credo Dat 4.1

This is a unique application-oriented grouping, ordering and post-processing of satellite geodetic data. Use this software almost everywhere, from weather stations, and ending with the defense sector. In our today’s article, the functional applications will be considered in more detail, as you will be able to learn about the positive and negative features of the program. Well, at the very bottom of the page, according to tradition, you can download the latest version of the Credo Dat 4.1 for a direct link.

  1. Features
  2. The pros and cons
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Let’s start with a list of what “”””can”””” our application. Maybe it very much, so we consider only the basic. The first main function of such software performs data processing tachometer and construction on their basis of various charts, graphs and so on. D.

This result may be to sort and organize, also supported encryption mode field. The user simply sets the input data and program settings. And the whole process is continued in the automatic mode. . Which is very convenient

All initial parameters with which the program works, divided into the following types:

  • Coordinates with a certain height above sea level
  • Bitmap and digital parameters, which are often used in electronic and analog cards.
  • The data of angular and linear measurements.
  • are taken into account and schematic data.
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    It supports almost any type of data. The most prominent is the measurement of raster mapping information. Here is used the positioning of 4 points, which makes it very accurately detect the position of an object.

    Any data we can import or, conversely, to export for further use in other software.

    Pros & cons

    As you know, any program running and running an operating system from Microsoft, is positioned in front of the user thanks to a set of specific strengths and weaknesses. There are those and Credo Dat 4.1.

    • A handy algorithm works with an application that allows you to quickly process any information and to achieve the required result.
    • You can enter data manually or import them from a variety of devices, including satellite equipment.
    • any files obtained from completely different sources can be treated holistically, without feeling any discomfort.
    • importing, processing and exporting raster data. In this case, as in the first and in the second case it supports all popular file formats.
    • All materials processed in the program, can be optimized for enterprise standards for which they are intended.

    it is important to understand that the Credo Dat 4.1 application does not have any limits on the amount of data downloaded, making it as convenient as possible, even when used in a full-fledged research centers.


    for working with the application before us instructions described in more detail in this clip. Worth to watch it to the end, to understand how to work with the program.


    To learn how to crack a program written in the instructions attached to the file with the tether.


    You can free download the utility Credo Dat 4.1 for a direct link. Just click on the available button below

    Note:. Antiviruses often remove the crack used for the “”””treatment”””” of the software. To this did not happen just disable protection at installation time, and then activate it again.