Cyber ​​Monday 2022, Russia and the world

Cyber ​​Monday 2022 in Russia and in the world

What is Cyber ​​

Buy desired (and not) things at a reasonable price when online retailers try to outdo each other in the size of the discounts, it is possible at the end of January. Toward the close of the month comes the Cyber ​​

For the first time this event was held in Russia in 2013 -. Stores Runet picked up the idea of ​​their American counterparts. Since then, every year the popularity of Cyber ​​Monday in the country is growing, and not only among consumers but also among the online stores, more and more retailers join the online sale

Shops. participating in the campaign, offering customers products with a dizzying discount – from 15% to 90%. When purchasing is beneficial in this day can be anything,. Gadgets and clothing, jewelery and products, furniture and goods for repair

Cyber ​​Monday in Russia in 2022 is more reminiscent of Black Friday, but with the difference that fully pass on the network, all discounts are only valid when buying online

What is the number of Cyber ​​Monday in Russia and in the world

in. the United States and Europe, the action takes place in late November – early December. It’s Monday, which comes after Thanksgiving and the following for these overseas holiday Black Friday. And if the latter opens the Christmas shopping season in the regular stores, the Cyber ​​doing the same thing, only on the Internet.

In the early 2000s, US marketers pay attention to the fact that consumers will purchase at sales during Friday shares at the beginning of next week, come to work, and by inertia continue to make purchases. Why is this happening? Perhaps this is due to the fact that Christmas really need to buy a lot of gifts (and not only the gifts), and a Black Friday little people. Only here on Monday shopping virtually have to, because shopping – not the most good reason to leave the office in the middle of the day. So the idea to Cyber ​​Monday, which was first held in the United States in 2005 and had great success. Since then, the tradition of online sales on Monday, following the Black Friday, firmly entrenched in the Western countries.

In our country, this action came a few years later and immediately went on his way. Cyber ​​Monday in Russia has nothing to do with the Black Friday and in 2022 held on the eve of the Catholic Christmas, and at the end of January. Domestic marketers felt that the last Monday of the second winter months – a more appropriate time to buy, because by this time the New Year holidays have finally forgotten, and all public stocks eaten and drunk

Another difference between the English. Cyber ​​Monday from Western counterpart – its duration, in our country event lasts more than one day, but three

Thus, the official Cyber ​​Monday in Russia in 2022 will start on January 31 at exactly 00,00.. Completed action in three days – February 2 at 23,59

In the US and in the rest of the world of online sale will be held in 2022 on the Monday after Thanksgiving, that is November 28
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Cyber ​​Monday shopping list

The final list of stores will be formed immediately before the start of sales – is currently still continuing to accept applications for participation in the action <. / p>