Download 7-Zip

Download 7-Zip

7-Zip – a popular Free Archiver , allowing compress data to reduce the occupied volume . Such a tool is needed on each device, and is particularly relevant if necessary transfer of large files over the Internet.

Why do you need to download 7-Zip

7-Zip program is characterized by a high level of file compression, supporting well-known formats and the ability to protect files with a password. Zip archiver 7 different free source code, which is due to open the license is applied in a number of other common products such functionality. Therefore, you can download 7 zip free and use it without any limitation as to the home devices and on computers of commercial organizations.

The historian was developed in 1999, since then it has continuously improved and today occupies a leading position among peers in the level and rate of data compression. 7 zip is able to work with many popular data formats.

His unique extension

Thanks to a special compression algorithm LZMA, archiver 7 Zip is a unique format 7z . This format, according to experts, has the maximum degree of compression and is ideal for archiving large amounts of data (big games, programs, etc.). The product has an extremely simple and easy to learn interface, it contains no ads, supports multiple languages, which allows you to download English version 7 zip.

Integration with Windows and programs

After downloading and installing the historian, it is integrates into explorer of the operating system, as well as the most popular file managers (Total Commander, FAR Manager) in the form of a plug. This allows you to perform operations with archives without having to run the program

Archiver 7-zip has the following advantages,.

  • Able to pack and unpack the most known formats, for which you need to download a free archiver 7 zip,
  • High compression ratio, especially for its own format 7 zip (so that the compression in zip format 2-10% better, when compared with similar programs, and 7-zip by 30-70% than ZIP).
  • Ability to backup to multiple streams, for each file, which greatly accelerates the process of compression.
  • Support for the formation of self-extracting SFX-archives for the format 7z.
  • Ability to encrypt AES-256 data advanced algorithm and password protection for backups for the file formats 7z and ZIP.
  • Testing system performance when archiving through a special built-in utility.

Using the program 7-Zip multithreading greatly improves the efficiency and productivity of the process for devices with multi-core processors is running a 64-bit operating system. For such systems to develop a separate version for the installation which you want to download 7 zip 64-bit

The disadvantages of the program include,.

Archiver is designed specifically for OS windows (with the support of all the other versions), in particular, be sure to download 7 zip to windows 7 . Archiver works on smart phones, laptops, and embedded systems running Windows CE. There is also of porting version command line Linux / Unix .