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Overview UC Browser

The classic interface with clear menu structure, tabs support, ad blocker, synchronization of personal data between devices, built-in news feed and corporate data compression mode – all these components allow the browser to gain global popularity. When you open the site, the program uses a special technology to pre-load, showing the layout of the page at a time, until the downloaded data.

The browser is based on a modern platform the Chromium, she is responsible for processing the code and adapt the sites code in the familiar to the user’s web -pages. If desired, you can activate an older engine Trident, it was used in Internet Explorer. It’s nice that with the recent UC Browser Time menu is available in English. Moreover – and download the full version is constantly evolving developer

Interestingly, the main audience of Internet users are using Android-version, in some countries, mobile version of the browser in popularity is second only to Google Chrome.. UC Browser (JUS Browser) can be downloaded for free for computers and phones based on Android and iOS – the latest version of the program can also be downloaded on the less common platform – Windows Phone, Java


. Modern cross-platform web browser, characterized by the presence of the data compression function, which allows to save up to 85% of the traffic. It uses a modern basis Chromium, properly converts code pages of sites in the visual and expand functionality through a browser plug-ins. The program is very popular among the mobile phone users, but UC Browser can also download for computers running Windows 10, 7, XP, 8.

Data Compression


The program can be used on Windows, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and as a Java-based applications

Powerful platform

The use of the modern foundations of Chromium, responsible for rendering the page code and other functions