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We continue our story about for popular Internet services clients. In our previous article we already talked about the eMaps – program to work with Google Maps service and MacTubes – a convenient utility for viewing and downloading videos from the famous video hosting YouTube. In this review, we describe the flickery – a client for the popular online photoservice Flickr

We do not accidentally named flickery client for Flickr -. App does allow full work with the service. Using this program, users can not only browse photos uploaded by other users, but also to comment on them, make bookmarks, upload your photos and more.

The first time the user is prompted to authorize the program to his or her account on Flickr . This is optional and you can skip this step, but then the capabilities of the program will be available only to search and view images. Other functions require authorization, which is always possible to make the program setting menu flickery -> Authorize on . In the absence of on Flickr account in the same window is possible to register a new account. If you have accounts Yahoo, Facebook or Google, you do not necessarily re-register on Flickr – enough for authorization to enter a login and password from one of these accounts

The program has a simple interface with a nice design.. The window is functionally divided into several parts. On the left is a sidebar with sections and categories on the right side displays the photos in a selected category, just below the toolbar is a set of buttons vary depending on the mode selected. At the top there is another toolbar containing buttons for common uprvleniya work program, and at the bottom is a slider that allows you to zoom the display of photos

The sidebar has two parts,. MY FLICKR and SEARCHES . The first is designed to work with a personal Flickr account, and the second is designed to find and view photos, filled with other users.

  • Photos . In this category photos are displayed, uploaded by the user on Flickr.
  • Favorites . Category for photos of other members selected by you. To add a photo to category favorites, quite right click on it to call the context menu and select the item Add Item to Favorites or use the button on the bottom toolbar.
  • Explore . Search and browse user photos uploaded on a specific day.
  • Nearby . View photos, filled with the user are neighbors user on the wireless network. function value is highly questionable,)
  • Newest . View the latest pictures, filled in the photo service and available for search.

As you can see (and it is difficult to understand from the description ,) sidebar, flickery lets you work with Photos uploaded to the user, and with pictures of other users.

In the tab uploads the user can upload pictures as from any folder on your hard disk, and directly from the iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie or Aperture . We remind you that Flickr allows you to publish on its pages, not only images but also videos. Alternatively, flickery provides an opportunity to directly make a screenshot of the selected area of ​​the screen and also upload it to the server. But that’s not all, using iSight webcam or any other compatible device connected to your Mac, you can take a picture or record a video clip and also quickly upload it to Flickr

Photos are added to the download window with both. using the corresponding points on the bottom toolbar, or by simply dragging on the application window. After adding all the pictures to be downloaded, for each picture, you can fill in the title, description and keywords. Also exposed the security level (according to the content of the pictures), the type of the loaded object, license restrictions for browsing and searching.

All the same, but applied immediately to all loaded objects, is set to an appropriate program setup menu tab. For users of Mac OS X 10.6 is available option to add the current location of the user to upload the images.

Double-click on any prepared for the Edit upload a photo or press the button allows to edit the image using the basic functions editing. It features quite a bit, but they are sufficient to align levels or properly orientate the picture.

Once all the preparations are completed press the button Upload and enjoy the process of uploading photos to Flickr server. The fact that flickery application developers rather peculiar and creative approach to the display of the boot process. Along with a progress bar that displays the percentage degree of loading of the next photo is displayed picture itself. The picture shows a severely blurred initially, but as the download is complete, its clarity is gradually increased, until finally it becomes identical to the original. Watch this very interesting =)

As is the case with Flickr web interface, a downloaded photo can be combined in photosets or publish in the groups in which the user is. Access to these features enables the instrument’s bottom panel, which in addition to the buttons above-mentioned functions are available in a few, but they are just below.

View detailed information about the uploaded photo and, if necessary, edit the data, you can use panel Info , caused by the respective button. The panel has three tabs. The first tab is set / edit the photo title, description, keywords. Then duplicated the opportunity to specify the type of license for the selected photo and to restrict access to a snapshot of a particular group of users. On the EXIF ​​tab displays all of the available technical information on a picture in the format IFD1, InteropIFD, IFD0, ExifIFD . is available on the third tab of the comments of other users to the selected picture, and write your comment.

When viewing photos, filled with other users, flickery can display images downloaded at any specified date or the current day. If a lot of pictures, you can use the local search, by which those in any information that contain those characters and letters will be found in a given day pictures. For the global search the entire Flickr basis is recommended to use the appropriate button Search Flickr , located on the top toolbar. The search can be carried out according to the description, keywords, username, or by geographical coordinates indicated in the picture properties.

By clicking on any photo and opening the panel Info , you can see the image description, key words, EXIF ​​ data snapshot, and read other users’ comments and add your comment.

Double-click on the pictures will expand it to all the program window, and right click will open access to the context menus that allow you to bookmark the other photosets author of the chosen picture, add a photo to your favorites and so forth.

button on the bottom toolbar partially duplicates the context menu, allowing you to add the selected picture to favorites and create albums of favorite photos , references to which appear later in the sidebar, under MY FLICKR .

From the favorite pictures, you can not only create their own albums for viewing. Links to interesting pictures you can share with your friends by sending e-mail, published on its website, Twitter, etc.

In order to download your favorite one or more pictures, you can use the button Download , located on the top panel. With a simple push of a button the selected images are downloaded to the folder specified in the program settings. If we click on the small arrow to the right of the download icon, the user will be given the choice of the folder to which he would like to upload photos, as well as the ability to add images in iPhoto and Aperture. If one picture has been allocated, it can be a single click

View images in full screen mode, set as desktop background -. We left for dessert (in the sense that at the end of the review). When you click on Fullscreen program goes into full screen view mode. All unnecessary removed from the screen showing the image on the entire area of ​​the monitor screen. If you move the cursor to the bottom edge of the screen, you’ll see a pop-up panel containing tools for the transition to the next or previous picture, or add it to your favorites. Viewed a picture can be downloaded into the installed folder on the disk, as well as view the data and comments on the panel crops up Info . It is also possible to view all photos in a simple slide show.

Among the other features of the program would like to mention a line of integration with other applications, as an opportunity to to instantly send pictures from iPhoto in flickery for subsequent uploading to Flickr. In the iPhoto, of course, has its own means of uploading photos to the photo service, but flickery, thanks to specialization, features significantly longer.

No obvious deficiencies in flickery testing has not been noticed, everything is simple and convenient, is that the lack of functionality of the program in full screen mode. One only viewing images is not enough, especially after rasprobuesh complete full-screen mode in iPhoto ’11. On the other hand, this is nitpicking,)

The program flickery can be recommended to all users that are actively using the Flickr photo service for viewing and downloading images uploaded by other users and to upload your images. If this service is new to you, then you may well be able to restrict the already quite good iPhoto program features that is sure to set virtually every user Mac OS X.