Download LEd – LaTeXEditor


Texmaker program is designed to create a LaTeX documents. In TeXmaker integrated set of tools for the development of documents using LaTeX.

  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Find and replace using regular expressions.
  • spell Check.
  • code completion.
  • code Folding.
  • Ability to insert mathematical symbols in one click (a few hundred characters).
  • Tools for working with formulas.
  • View the document tree structure.
  • Adding bookmarks in the document.
  • View the resulting document in real time.
  • a simple compilation of documents with a single click
  • View documents to PDF. The ability to rotate the document (page rotation).
  • Support for Unicode.
  • The tool (wizard) Quick Start to create the primary structure of the document.
  • Documents separated into multiple files. Continuous viewing of multi-file document.
  • Ample opportunities to configure the editor.
  • Support for hot keys.