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My Movies Pro – Movie Library APK + Mod

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Description My Movies Pro – Movie Library APK + Mod

Important! This application have been superseded by My Movies Pro 2 – Movies & TV, which is a new version 2 for Android 4.1 and later. This version is available to allow existing users to re-install the app, or for users with Android versions prior to 4.1. You can find the new application under More by Binnerup Consult in the store.

My Movies for Android allows you to create a catalog your entire movie collection using our high-quality Internet service that provides data on more than 800,000 titles of movies on a DVD disc formats, Blu-ray and HD DVD content for different countries. If one or more titles are missing in our service, you can inform us about this, and this name will be added to our team in the database within 48 hours. Such a service you will not find anywhere else.

To test the use of a free download My Movies software for Android Free, in which all functions are available, but it may contain no more than 50 titles of films and 10 elements in the release lists and trailers.

My movies for Android can be used alone or in conjunction with a package My movies software for Mac OS X or Windows, which allows you to synchronize your movie collection between clients.

to use My movies program for Android, you must create an account or use an existing My Movies account. Your collection will be stored on our servers, which will access it from a variety of client programs without loss of data. We offer clients for Android, iPad, iPhone, Mac OS X and Windows. When you log into your existing account My Movies your current collection will automatically be synchronized with your device.

The program allows you to create on our server site with a collection of your films. Your friends and family can view the contents of your collection via the Internet.

With My Movies for Android, you can find out what movies you have, what was, what did you take rent and what you want to buy. You will never buy or rent one and take the same movie twice

-. Adding using of barcode search, title search, manual entry or scanning with the camera
-. High-quality scanner barcode with MultiScan function
-. The addition of the various groups (My, I wish you and others.)
-. Saving information to make a purchase (price, place, etc.)
-. Personalization with the help of place tags, notes, rating, etc.
-. Presentation of the collection as a list, shelf or CoverFlow
-. a brief review of the movie, full cast list, audio tracks, subtitles and more.
– Set up a list of actors (10, 20, 30, or all).
– Links to IMDB
-. High-quality front and rear cover
-. View the trailer
-. Search collection
-. Multiple sorting options
. – Advanced filtering
-. Integration with Facebook
-. The parental control feature.
– Shake for random selection.
– Send by E-mail movie list in TXT or CSV
-. Possibility to lend the film contact and track
-. online collection of movies that you can share with family and friends. (Http,//
– The icons on the tabs with the number of movie titles and / or the number of actors.
– the actors section with photos, biographies and lists the main roles
-. Section releases upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray
-. Using the same collection on multiple devices with automatic online sync <. br /> – Automatic update profiles the latest and most accurate data
-. remote control for Windows Media Center and Dune players
-. Possibility reported no title to our employees.
– Ability to Report incorrect data to our staff