Download Secure Archive (64 bit)


Ivideon Server

The program for the surveillance Ivideon Server allows you to view the live broadcast video and archive video * with webcams and IP-based cameras via LAN and the Internet

  • If the software Ivideon Server is used to connect the camera with a paid cloud tariff -. a separate license is not required,
  • If you are using software Ivideon Server for connecting cameras without cloud fare – you must purchase a license. Cost – 2 990 rubles per camera

* Archive of video can be stored on your hard drive where you installed Ivideon Server, as well. remotely in the cloud Ivideon.

Ivideon Client

Ivideon Client , as well as personal account on the site, enables you to view live video and video archive with both cameras, attached to Ivideon Server, and cameras with built-in service Ivideon.


The new version changes Ivideon Client 6.10 appeared sidebar events section. It displayed detailed information about the event, as well as the opportunity to comment on the status of and manage events for further processing and inclusion in reports.

  • Supported video codec H.265. To view the live video, and records for local archive without transcoding to H.264 using Ivideon Client (> = 6.9.1) in local playback mode.
  • Increased the accuracy of detection of persons and implemented the mechanism of protection against spoofing the face photograph.
  • Implemented control relay outputs Dahua cameras, Hikvision and Nobelic to work in the Ivideon ACS
  • expanded camera support Uniview,. motion detection, cloud setup, PTZ control, work with files on the SD card.
  • Implemented receive events from thermal imaging cameras Dahua, Hikvision and SafeLogic.
  • support the work with Hikvision cameras with license plate recognition.
  • Improved reliability record in local archive and recovery tools finalized records after a crash.
  • Optimized work with edge-archives some cameras and DVR.

The new version Ivideon Client 6.9.2 a pop-up notification about the events! Include them in the section Settings, adding sound when notice. Notifications come about events that match the filter tape events, and displayed in the lower right corner of the screen.

The new version of Desktop Client 6.9.1 appeared monitor mode, now the events of the tape can be updated on-line. Enable You can call the tape filter

It is also an opportunity to learn the group nesting chamber, immediately from the event tape -. Tooltip appears when you hover

The application will appear Event Ribbon with cameras.! – view videos from a past event, or go to the full record in the archive – Filter events by type, time and the camera is also an opportunity to share local and cloud historical record of the colors on the timeline

  • . module detection of persons is now distributed with the distribution Ivideon Server and is available to install the 64-bit Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • support the work with WEB-cameras on macOS Catalina.
  • corrected URL to request a preview of the cameras Hikvision.
  • Fixed a bug with copying the settings sub-streams by adding any RTSP camera.

Expanded protocol support ONVIF, updated implementation RTSP protocol redesigned subsystem local viewing and implemented many fixes and improvements.

  • now supports edge-archive devices supporting ONVIF protocol (profile G).
  • supported the possibility of ONVIF protocol for setting up the parameters wi deopotoka.
  • Upgraded implementation of the RTSP protocol to fix most of the known issues.
  • Added the ability to configure HTTP port and Dahua Hikvision cameras (and OEM). Now you can enjoy all the features of these cameras, even if the HTTP port settings are changed on devices
  • Implemented a smooth fast playback local archive for speeds of x2 and x4
  • redesigned subsystem local viewing,.. Optimized performance and simplified configuration.
  • Fix the problem with a reconnection to the DVR Dahua after disconnection.
  • We fixed a few bugs with the local archive recording and delayed synchronization of local and cloud files.
  • < li> Fixed several causes of a rare crash video server, and eliminated many small errors.

Implemented export records with cloud chambers and redesigned sidebar. * Entries with cloud chambers can now be exported directly from Ivideon Client interface, without going into personal cabinet. View the progress of exports, as well as download and delete any entry can be a total tape records in the sidebar. * Sidebar can now stretch and card cameras, layouts and export entries – to reduce in size. Compact display cards without preview mode can display more information on one screen.