Paint.NET 4.2.14 Download – popular editing among Windows users for processing and image correction and drawings. The utility covers and the Russian language and is completely free software. Today read more about this application, as well as highlight its key capabilities and features.

  1. Description
  2. Key features
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Description was created back in 2004 by two young men at the time is a student at the University of Washington. To date, both are composed of developers from Microsoft and continue to work on his creation.

To work with the program you can on the operating systems Windows 7/8/10 absolutely free. It is mandatory to require the presence on the .NET Framework software on your computer. In the absence of the application automatically load it on your hardware.

This creation is characterized by a sophisticated user interface and advanced features when compared to its direct competitor to Microsoft Paint. Compare it can be except that with all the known Adobe Photoshop. To a remarkable advantage is that the impressive collection of filters and special effects, which is also expanded by adding elements from external sources. In addition, you easily spend a scale from 1 to 3200%, perform many different operations with layers, retouching, blur and red-eye removal and other undesirable elements.