Eye of the Dragon

Eye of the Dragon

Dragon Eye – a computer game developed by Primal Software studio. In Russia, the game was released by Akella December 1, 2002. Overseas edition of the game took place on April 2, 2004, the game was released by «Strategy First» November 1, 2004.

The name «I of the Dragon» the game has a double meaning. This is both a Eye of the Dragon as the naming of the product the gaming industry, and the minds of the dragon, his personality, which, in fact, is a player. Failure to understand this often leads to the fact that users need to rename the game in «The Eye of the Dragon» [1]


Plot [edit. | edit code]

In the distant past, humans and dragons were allies. It is thanks to the dragons mankind could be saved from the evil armies. However, an evil sect betrayed the dragon and destroy the dragon’s clutches. Dragons did not take revenge on mankind, they have provided the people themselves to deal with people and flew away. On the territory of the human kingdom was only one young lizard hatched from egg miraculously rescued. And when the evil hordes of resurrected again began to threaten people, it found and persuaded to help.

The plot is linear and consists of a series of missions whose purpose often is to destroy the hordes of monsters. The main character is a dragon, but some missions to be done by the allies face – people

Dragons [edit |. edit code]

Morrog – Black Dragon Necromancer, equally fluent in both power control methods and magic

Barroh – ice dragon, weak physically, but possessing extraordinary abilities magician

as you destroy enemies dragon receives experience.. With each new level of experience can be increased or that the dragon characteristics (speed, life, regeneration, the power of fire, the stock of breath, mana) or acquire spells. As dragons can catch enemies in order to eat them, they have a range of hunger, which must periodically be replenished, otherwise the capacity will weaken. Caught a monster can not resist, so do not give him the experience, however, makes up part of the health

People [edit. | edit code]

The Dragon is designed to protect human settlements. But the people as their own forces to repel the attacks of monsters, the number of armed warriors and increase with the cities. Dragon city laid in special places – the energy output to the surface. Develop (raise to a new level) the city can only be a dragon, but only to accumulate the necessary people can for this energy. For this purpose they exist wizards flying on carpets. They support the fighting dragon and collect the souls of dead monsters.

People act in concert, but their strength is not enough to destroy all the monsters without the help of a dragon. However, when the city is developed enough, there is no need to continually watch it

Features [edit. | edit code]

A common problem of the game is to check the authenticity of the disc. If the program finds acquired illegal copy of the game and does not accept entered the code, it is recommended to install the patch.