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Game Prelauncher 3.2.6 + Activation Key

If you are confused by PCs performance during gameplay, or you simply want to raise the FPS, you can find a solution to the situation and draw through special programs. One of them is the Game Prelauncher – a utility that can increase the frame rate by disabling all unused services at the time of the game. Let’s together with you will consider the possibility of the service and select the main advantages that distinguish Game Prelauncher among similar programs.

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activation key

The program is shareware, and therefore requires an additional activation to expand the functionality. On our site to the installation file is embedded key can benefit from the full version of the application.


The program is unique by the optimizer, which converts Windows OS in the whole playground. All resources at this time are given only a game, and all the rest are disabled at the time of services and programs. This also applies to those applications that are included in the Windows autorun. This means that there will be suspended even those utilities, the existence of which you did not know (As for inexperienced users).

Developers can not promise the maximum acceleration, because it depends on the installed equipment. If analog applications promise to increase productivity in a few, or even 3 times, in fact it’s impossible. Game Prelauncher parole creators able to speed up the game mode by 20-40%. Start the game is carried out much faster and the gameplay becomes more fluid, without interruptions and failures.

The program stops more than 130 system services and instantly dismiss the 150 MB of memory, including junk and malicious files. Consider other features of the program:

  1. Reduction of fragmentation of memory
  2. Increase FPS
  3. CPU Acceleration and file system
  4. … .

  5. a steady increase during the game, reducing jerking

Now, let’s get acquainted with the services that the utility is able to turn off:

  • disable the entire folder “”””StartupĀ»,
  • the suspension of the current shell,
  • disable the application in RUN section,
  • disable sound themes and other objects,
  • solution to the problems with the libraries,
  • the suspension of all other programs (80-90%), but the most critical.

It is significantly the application works on low-end PCs. Naturally, you will not be able to enjoy high-quality picture of new games, and many of them are not even able to run, but the ones that are already installed on your computer will play with new colors, and you feel from the first seconds of the program results. Launching Game Prelauncher, just select “”””Game Mode”””” to the utility came to disable braking system of programs.

It is important to note that during the installation of the master immediately offered to choose which programs you do not want to turn off at the time of the gameplay . By default, this will disable all applications that do not need the operating system for the game. Also, important information for you is that the developers have suspended work on the application, but, nevertheless, it is still a popular and relevant among gamers.

Download sewed key

in addition to the limitations in functionality, you also can not use the accelerator more than 30 days from the date of installation. Do you want to bypass restrictions, while not paying a penny for useful software? Download Game Prelauncher on our website sewed activation key, and start to optimize the gaming experience to the maximum level.