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Gigabyte EasyTune B15.0210.1 + Activation Key

GigaByte EasyTune – a special utility that specializes in the production of motherboards GigaByte. The program has a simple user interface and is used to monitor the boards, as well as to adjust the system settings without restarting the computer. In other words, it regulates the per se frequency and voltage, thereby improving the performance of your PC.

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activation key

The program requires activation if you want to use the program in full, and not be satisfied with the trial version. On our site you will find a built-in key file in the installation.


EasyTune is designed to simplify change BIOS settings on the motherboard. This is a good property, because not every user will be able to manually deal with the BIOS settings. . Control the mouse only on modern motherboards, and set the desired settings without special skills alone is almost impossible

Developers EasyTune allowed their customers to change some of the BIOS values: tension during acceleration and other parameters of the circuit board. Basic interface in Windows can now be easily replaced by more attractive. Appearance – is not the only advantage: it will be adapted to the consumer, which, in turn, is able to intuitively control your PC settings

For a particular type of tasks in the program are built special presets.. They are involved in the alignment of combinations of tasks. In other words, a novice user having a PC utility EasyTune, can produce significant changes in the system with incredible ease. Thus, performing acceleration along with this program, you reduce risk and save the performance of your PC.

A useful feature Smart Quick Boost will perform overclocking automatically. You are only required selection of CPU frequency necessary to improve system performance

System Information Viewer -. Browser that plays the most important role in EasyTune. The tool monitors and notifies the user about the system status. The main components to be monitored:

  • the system clock,
  • the rotational speed of the fan,
  • temperature indicators,
  • general state of the processor.

All observations are recorded in a separate program magazine which is in the public domain for the user. In critical performance program signals over the windows, and can also send notifications via e-mail.

Special tools Fast Boot, you can configure the following start running after freelance off directly in the Windows environment. Regarding Smart Fan Advance – the user has access to create a profile of each fan individually

Download sewed key

EasyTune -. Useful and easy to use utility with a nice design. You can download it on our website with sewn activation key that will allow access to all features of the program. From you only need to install – the activation occurs automatically