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Hear 1.3 + Key

Another very useful utility, the main purpose of which is the improvement of the playback computer or laptop sound. At the end of the page we will offer free download the latest version of Hear 1.3, together with a license key, but first let’s look at functionality of the program, as well as analyze its positive and negative features.

  1. Features
  2. Pros and cons
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  4. Keys
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Together with the application you download to your computer or laptop is a large set of filters that improve the sound, making it “”””cleaner”””” and more enjoyable. We can distort the audio, or, on the contrary, make it a relaxing

Let us consider some of the basic presets:.

  • Ambience – a peculiar effect, something reminiscent of reverb
  • Maximizer – separate adjustable high and low part of the sound,
  • Limiter – customizable compression level,
  • BW – gives the same composition different shades,
  • space – allows you to move the sound center in the space and adjust its position,
  • Fidelity – complements the sound detail and gives it a pleasant shade,
  • Sub – effect, allows you to prepare sound to his conclusion on the low-pass subwoofer,
  • Speaker – extends the dynamic range and increases the overall volume level, which can often require laptops with low yield,

application Hear is just two components – a main module, which we, in fact, use, and effects library, which carry the sound filtering. It is clear that the main program interface, you can configure all that is contained in the database add-ons. To do this, here are implemented individual tabs with a lot of “”””krutilok”””” and sliders to fine-tune the preset.

At the top of the program are a number of additional tools and the button temporarily mute the sound. Then there are some of the most commonly used profiles. You can remove unnecessary presets and replace them with the theme effects to be used constantly. Put filters can chat in real time. It is important to understand that any profile can be flexibly customize “”””under itself».

The most important drawback of the software before us speaks no language version. But to deal with the existing functionality here is simple. You should carefully change the settings of an effect, and directly “”””on the fly”””” to monitor the changes in the sound.

During installation time Hear your PC or laptop software to install, as the main source of the sound. Otherwise, the signal will be fed to the standard Windows channel and effect you will not hear.

Pros & Cons

Let’s also mention the strengths and weaknesses of the program.

  • excellent smoothing and signal amplification,
  • functional graphic equalizer, which makes the sound clear,
  • intuitive and user-friendly software interface,
  • huge number of different settings, effects and filters,
  • automatic start of the program, together with the operating system.
  • limitation in the free version ,
  • no Russification,
  • incorrect operation of some profiles.


In this clip process work with the subject application is described in much greater detail. Recommend carefully examine the video and only then begin to download the program.


One of the advantages of downloading on our website speaks of the fact that you do not have to seek a license key or to take any other actions to activate the software. Everything has been done, simply download and use.


On the button below you can for free and without registration to download Hear the application of a direct link.