HiAlgo Boost 5

HiAlgo Boost 5.0

Microsoft Equation Editor 3.0 full version

MDVR Player on English

This program is designed to improve performance in games. Raise the FPS can be 3 times! Thereby achieving excellent graphics. Which will allow to make the game more vivid and saturated.

It is designed for installation on your computer. That allows you to optimize the video card. Thus increasing the number of frames, the expansion remains intact, the FPS increases at times.

How it works

To download utilities is better to have a separate device. Suitable ordinary flash drive. Due to the particular resource, which is a plug-in speed and load game goes much faster. Which gives more space on your hard drive.

This option is ideal for owners of 4 gigabytes of memory with a discharge system 32. untapped part of the memory goes into the cache. That provides an additional acceleration in the qualitative performance of essential functions. The utility allows you to set priorities already downloaded applications. It also affects the work as a whole.

  1. Smooth web graphics. In many graphics applications is suffering due to frequent movements. The impression is so-called jerks. After downloading this disadvantage disappears.
  2. Reduces extension. Due to which there is an increase of frames and the rate of reaction online.
  3. Increase FPS several times.

    This program is designed for the development of 3-D graphics. It is possible to use in low-power mode without loss of image quality and smoothness of the players movements.

    Thanks to the built-in functions setting controls the resolution and does not allow him to fall to 50. Depending on the engagement and her character, there is a regulation rendering resolution. Starting possible for any software. Using the program does not give a distorted picture during fast movements.


    Before installing it is important to remember that some resources can ban a user for the use of this tool. This is due to the presence of built-in control, which is registered in the code and begin their work at boot time on the computer.

    When you download a new video applications, utility needs some time to stabilize the FPS and the beginning of the stable operation of graphics. After

    full processing graphics application is restored, and will hang. To utility to access the settings of each video, you need to download it at least once. Then HiAlgo Boost remembers the information and stabilizes the basic functions.
    If the computer memory is not allows the use of online games with a quality extension, there is a sense HiAlgo Boost setting. During use, the user will enjoy the process.