KAM, s GTA script for 3Ds Max 2020-2021

KAM’s GTA script for 3Ds Max 2020-2021

KAM’s GTA script – a set of informal instruments embedded in 3Ds Max for further modeling with advanced settings. The script is based on the tools of Rockstar North games manufacturer. These include a series of GTA games (GTA 3, Vice Sity, San Andreas). In this article, let us consider a brief overview of all the functions of the program and look at how to install the script, so that it appears in the working window 3Ds Max.

  1. The main functions of KAM’s GTA script for 3Ds Max 2020-2021
  2. Multi.Clump
  3. Auto Skin
  4. Import DFF
  5. General Control
  6. Chair.Options
  7. How to install
  8. Download

Basic functions KAM’s GTA script for 3Ds Max 2020-2021

KAM’s script The main purpose of GTA script – improved and high-speed import / export dff-files. After installing the application, in 3Ds Max pop-up window will appear interface script, where you will find the following functions, we have described in this article. We will try to briefly make out each of them to work in the tools do not make you neponyatok and issues.


The tab is designed to import multi-dff files that contain within themselves more than one model. After the import appears «Choose one to Import». This would mean that Multi.Chump option has been activated. You can choose any number Klump and import the model with the button «Import».

Auto Skin

This option is used to add models cutscenes and pedestrians. Downloading model is activated «Skin» button, and the model becomes zakoschenoy

Import DFF

Already from the name it is known that the option is a list of advanced settings and perform the following settings:.

  • format boot textures (BMP, TGA, PNG),
  • model scale (the default is a value of 1.0, and preferably it does not change).

General Control

The panel includes advanced export settings, namely:

  • model scale (leave the default value of 1.0 ),
  • the addition of dff (useful when using the multi-dff),
  • lock dff (function is required, if the user does not want its development has been edited in the future),
  • setting data (color, normals, texture coordinates, vertex colors).


Various settings export pedestrian models / cutscenes. Here you will be able to prepare elements for further modeling in 3Ds Max. Here you can define the figure of the character, determine its weight, and much more.

How to install

In fact, the installation and setup easy enough. Let us analyze step by step, all right you need to perform.

  1. To get started, load the script from our site.
  2. Unpack the archive and go to the folder «Script».
  3. Now find the folder with 3Ds Max file (by default, it will be located on the C drive in the «Program files».
  4. find in 3Ds Max folder, a folder «Script» and open it.
  5. All the files from the downloaded folder, copy and paste the section scripts in 3Ds Max.
  6. Done. The next time 3Ds Max inside of us will be waiting for a brand new script.


on our website you can download the script KAM’s GTA script, simply by clicking the download button below. Install the application and content with new opportunities in the field of 3D-modeling.