ManyCam 6

ManyCam 6.0.1 kreknuty

This program is a convenient tool for processing the image obtained with a webcam. Today we will discuss the possibilities of the software, learn about its positive and negative features, as well as offer kreknutuyu version 6.0.1 ManyCam free download direct link.

  1. Features
  2. The Pros and Cons
  3. How to use
  4. Video
  5. Keys
  6. Download


ManyCam – this is not just another filter for correcting colors or contrast images. Here there are lots of other interesting things. For example, it is a mask that can be applied to any person in real time. In addition, there are a large number of backgrounds that can complement existing video stream

The program has a number of additional features that can be described as follows:.

  • support for any connected capture devices,
  • to add pictures, signatures, the current date, and many other objects,
  • background replacement to one of the existing program,
  • to add any custom images and their scale,
  • automatic recognition of human faces for the application to it of masks,
  • save any changes in the custom template.

This application allows you to quickly create an interesting picture and share it with friends. Use available here functionality can be in any instant messenger that supports video calls or even sending the photo.

Pros & Cons

To complete the picture, let’s look at a list of strengths and weaknesses of ManyCam.

  • a lot of different objects to add,
  • full Russification UI,
  • the addition of masks and other objects in just one click,
  • setting a record in the user profile,
  • to add new effects by downloading them from the network,
  • posting to social networks,
  • support for any web webcams.
  • in the free version often appears intrusive ads.

since the very bottom of the page you can free download kreknutuyu version of the application, the lack of above, does not mean anything to you.

How to use

in order to work with program was easy, you can go to YouTube and asks motret there instructional video. But the first step will be our little review of this software functionality:

In total, the program has several parts: video effects and gallery. The first tab shows the stream obtained from the camera, which can be converted into a record or just to take photos. Also will add several sources at the same time.

A little below shows all currently used in effects. For ease of setup they are separated by tabs. Choosing one or another section, you can edit different groups separately added to the image object. If you want to add anything, just press the button and select the type of the new filter or mask.

In the “”””Effects”””” you will find all the filters that are in the program and be able to apply them from there. Also, by going to the official website of the utility can be downloaded from there a number of new facilities, which are automatically added to the program. Tab “”””Gallery”””” stores all the patterns that you have created in the process of using ManyCam. Apply any of them to get a simple mouse click.

As you can see, work with the program is very simple and after a few tens of minutes of practice, you will come out true masterpieces.


For more information to deal with the examined program by viewing the video attached below.


you will not have activation of this program, as RePack it and the license key is already integrated during repackaging.


According to available button below you can for free and without registration to download ManyCam in already kreknutom form.