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Multi Password Recovery 1.2.9 + Activation Key

Multi Password Recovery – a unique application to restore Windows keys, passwords and e-mail browsers. If there is a program on your PC, easily become known passwords on Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Also you will be able to declassify the characters hidden behind the asterisks in the input time without difficulty. In addition, you can copy the SAM-file and delete stored passwords.

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activation key

The program is shareware and require activation, allowing empower Multi Password Recovery. You can do this on our website, just download the utility. During repackaging, we have built key to a file that allows you to use the program from the first minutes after installation.


Multi Password Recovery quickly finds passwords with more than 110 programs. From the user almost no action is required, in addition to confirmation of commands: the rest of the tool performs its work independently and provides reports. It is also possible to generate a new strong password.

First of all, this product is optimal in that it is free. In most cases, you would have to buy a few different programs to recover the password, but the Multi Password Recovery does this for free. The information provided by this application will allow even remember passwords for those programs that are not supported by MPR. It is worth noting that decryption is done instantly and automatically

One of the important features -. Delete saved passwords. Sometimes, after the removal of the program, some data remains in the system, including password information. This may affect the security of your computer in general. To avoid this, Multi Password Recovery will allow to be cleaned up and get rid of unwanted information

Features :.

Copy the SAM-file .

  • this file contains the administrator passwords and other OS users. To make it clearer, it can not be read manually. Multi Password Recovery allows you to copy the SAM and open it later by other programs.

Verify Password .

  • during the decryption program analyzes passwords for resistance and is most vulnerable, weaken the security of your PC.

Reading locked data .

  • The system contains unique files that can not be read until the closing tools. It is with such data works well Multi Password Recovery.

Strong passwords .

  • There is a program chip oscillator, coming up with passwords automatically, hack which will not be possible.

working with master password .

  • The application is also integrated master pointing to files and folders that you want to decrypt. Sometimes MPR can not automatically find the document due to the fact that he has not been installed on the PC.

Download sewed key

The program is supported language and combined with any versions of Windows, including the 1998 and 2000. The structure of the installation file also includes the activation key that we vshili during repackaging. This will allow to download the program and start to use after installation, without spending time searching on the Internet and keygens for registration on the official website.