NANO AntiVieng download

NANO AntiVieng download

NANO AntiVieng – one of the newest anti-virus packages, of course, designed to protect your PC from all kinds of intrusion. How to say the developers of this software, they have considered all the best wishes of users to create a simple and reliable software for all occasions. Let’s see how it is justified.

Key features NANO AntiVieng

In fact, this program is one of the youngest. Accordingly, the anti-virus database and brand new. In addition, thanks to the technical support service of the application and the databases are virtually around the clock. Updates are not forced to wait.

Among the main functional present all the modules present in the programs of this type. Here you and Express Scan, Full Scan My Computer, Scan removable media, update, etc. In general, it is a standard set.

All of this is certainly good. However, you should pay attention to the fact that this antivirus will not work on all systems (meaning iron configuration) because, to iron requirements are quite stringent. Thus, the required processor 1.2 GHz or higher (recommended 2 GHz or higher) RAM at 1GB or higher (recommended 2 GB and above), the operating system is Windows XP SP2 or higher (recommended Windows 7) for the normal functioning of the program . You see that on older low-power machines such program simply will not work.

As for the detection of viruses or malicious software, here we are dealing with the index at the level of 35%, that for a whole new program is sufficiently a big plus.

If we talk about the interface, since the installation wizard and ending with the main program, here, we must pay tribute, everything is simple and clear. To date, many software developers are still inclined towards minimization, in order to facilitate access to the main functions and especially not to overload the interface unnecessary images, icons or buttons. This is a clear plus. However, you should pay attention to not commensurate resource consumption. For example, the average of the average configuration test takes about 3-4 hours. At the same time, the system is so overloaded that use

other applications simply impossible. To sum up, we can say that this package has all the chances of development and improvement. Most likely, the developers should pay attention to the resource consumption of the utility, as well as for system requirements. Although pleased that the technical support is clearly at a height.