NAPS2 6.1.2 + Activation Key

Recognition and scanning of various file is an integral part of the office work, and not only. Nowadays there are a lot of programs that are an aid to these operations. Find high-quality, and at the same time easy-to-use tool – not an easy task. And here is the NAPS2 utility. Having a comfortable functionality for working with the profile of many scanners, it saves scanned documents in all text extensions. Advanced users who know how to work with the console, find the program quality photo editor and a built-in command line interface that will make the job of high quality and enjoyable.

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activation key

In the shareware version you can find all the important functions for working with documents. It is a trial, and after 30 days of use will require activation. To obtain a license to open and full functionality on our site in the installation file is a working key


NAPS2 -. A simple program for scanning with custom panels and profiles for individual configurations. All documents at the end of the scan can be saved in text format, sent to e-mail or printed in a few seconds. Innovative tools allow you to scan from the glass plate and the ADF. The program is compatible with TWAIN. Choose the driver that works with the scanner more better, and enjoy the high-quality work tools.

The program allows you to scan a document in normal and batch modes. scan items before you start, you can crop, rotate. With images can be carried out adjusting the brightness, contrast, and save to popular file formats, including PDF. In the assembly, you can create a specific profile for multiple versions of the file.

The program is intuitive and easy to use. Main NAPS2 window is made in a light tone, all the elements to work conveniently located. Scanning goes pretty fast and requires a few mouse clicks. The utility applies the language and will be a useful tool for both work and home.

Setting the output file is extremely flexible. You can use encryption, specify a search by keywords, author, configure access to the file (edit, read-only). In NASP2 you will find useful OCR module. OCR allows you to add search to files created in PDF format. Apart from the standard save, you can download previously created documents and re-edit them.

  1. Support and Ukrainian language.
  2. Create profiles to scan with different settings.
  3. Built-in photo editor.
  4. Ability to sending documents to e-mail.
  5. Support WIA and TWAIN drivers.
  6. Support for most popular text formats.

Download sewed key

The demo version is designed for 30 days and contains the annoying ads pop up during a scan. To avoid unpleasant restrictions on our website, you can download the program from sewn activation key that will help you to access all functions of the program.