Nords, Heroes of the North / NORD, Heroes of the North Ru (542) License torrent download

Nords, Heroes of the North / NORD, Heroes of the North [Ru] (542) License download torrent

The Nords, Heroes of the North – Strategy real-time RPG elements. Once in the game you will find a small village, which will have to rebuild, to make themselves known to the whole world. In order to avoid questions at the very beginning you will have to consult many different Viking. As in any such strategy will have to immediately build a mining shaft, which will be on a daily basis to deliver the necessary resources to improve. Depending on what you want to create a village, you will find, pubs, fishing shop, woodworking factories, coal mines, and more

Installation and startup,.
run the setup.exe file
Follow the prompts of the installation wizard
After the installation, run the game shortcut from the desktop
in the window that opens up in the game
After registering to enter the game by choosing Actions – Login to the game
When an error occurs, you need to update or doustanovit,
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