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Driver Updater – software that scans all devices and then check the database for missing drivers or updates already installed

The drivers are tested for compatibility and. made versions of installation, the most suitable for a particular configuration


for starters, users do not have to look for the name of each device to search for the required driver. The program automatically scans the unique ID number of each component in your computer, then there is a search and install drivers. The great advantage of the utility – a free download Driver Updater

The program will be also useful for professionals working with large fleet of computers.. Rather than install drivers on each computer manually, you can perform simultaneous installation once all the required components. In this case, all the drivers will be constantly updated to the newest versions, which greatly facilitate routine maintenance operations computer.

The main advantages

Automatically find and install drivers

The program for install new drivers will search for and install software components in an automatic mode, the user is required a minimum of action


The program and installable drivers are compatible with all versions of Windows. Driver Updater covers all versions of Windows in the past 15 years, from XP to Windows 10. The universality of the utility allows you to use it on almost any PC

full version

Forget about the language barrier at work with the program. Knowledge of foreign languages ​​to work is not required because the utility and the help section ponostyu translated into English. Choosing interface language is when you install

Program Description

To update the drivers on your computer, you can use the software Auslogics or Carambis Driver Updater, your choice. Interacting with each of the programs is very simple thanks to the friendly user interface. All actions are performed in a single window, which is divided into several tabs

Tab overview -. Overview in a visual form represents the user with information about the status of the drivers in the system

. button scan – check for updates in the Translation utility equipment search mode, and the current system software for it. After that, the user in the form of a table representing a detailed information about the results of the scan, device name, current version number, number of the current version of the driver, the priority of the update – an important or critical


Auto-update of <. / h4>

You can configure the startup program. Thus, timely verification of the actual version will be made each time the computer is turned

Friendly Interface

The program interface is very simple to learn, therefore, to understand how to use it is easy and people who are not familiar with the world of computer technology

Detailed documentation

If you have any questions on using the program, you can always refer to the extensive background information, which translated into English

Distributed for free < / h4>

the official version of driver Updater for Windows is free, what distinguishes the program from the competition, besides a great tool to solve an integrated and automated installation of drivers