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This application is focused on drawing hand. Most often it is download professional artists or enthusiasts, and is used in conjunction with a graphics tablet. But ordinary users can try to draw his first anime. At the bottom of the page, you can download the latest Russian version of Paint Tool SAI 2.0 for a direct link, but before you start, be sure to read our short survey, which will find a list of what “”””can”””” program, as well as a number of its positive and negative differences.

  1. Features
  2. The pros and cons
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Paint Tool SAI contains all the necessary tools that are required for realization of drawings of any complexity. How to use each of them solves the author himself, and if one of the brushes it is not satisfied, it can be customized any way you like

additional functionality List of the program is as follows:.

  • A complete set of tools for working with layers. Just as in Photoshop, we can copy them, move to the upper or lower level, and so on. E.
  • Supports schedule of all types, not only in addition to a bitmap, we can edit and vector format.
  • The field size for the drawing is limited by nothing, then you can create very large drawings.
  • Supports project files from Adobe Photoshop.
  • There are tools such as the lasso, magic wand and so on. e.
  • There is a special smoothing algorithm, which makes the figures more versatile.

Pros & cons

Like any other program in Paint Tool SAI 2.0 has its own strengths and weaknesses. Consider both of them.

  • This is the only app for desktop or notebook computer that can give the user as much on drawing capabilities to your PC.
  • Supports any graphics tablets that It makes drawing similar to that of paper. You just sprinkles touches, and they, in turn, transferred with great accuracy on the virtual paper.
  • There is a huge amount of ready-made tools for creating images. Moreover, you can create them yourself, making it easy for themselves profile.
  • Supports work with “”””hot keys””””. Their combinations are taken from Photoshop, so get used again for such combinations do not have to.
  • Work comfortably on all monitors because there exists the advanced scaling algorithm.
  • The picture is drawn very carefully to distinguish the virtual smear by stroke analog brush can except that a professional.
  • When the load on the hardware of the PC is very low.
  • Some projects developed this software, then do not open in Adobe Photoshop.
  • does not officially exist. There is only localization, and quite poor quality.

As you can see, there quite a few shortcomings. If you seriously want to draw on your PC, decent alternatives to this application simply will not find.


In order to get acquainted with the application closer recommend reviewing the panoramic video on it.


To activate the program and enter the license key you do not have. This version RePack, already deprived of trial and works with maximum functionality. Moreover, you do not even have to install the editor, just unzip the file and run it


Paint Tool SAI 2.0 -. Is a program that will suit lovers of Japanese art of drawing. Click on the button, which is located immediately below the table and download it for a direct link.

To get started, you can work without additional equipment, but if you decide to take the matter seriously, have to buy a graphics tablet.