PCRadio 6

PCRadio 6.0 Premium + Activation Key

Another program that is able to play any radio stations from the network. And this is done very well here. At the end of the page, we offer you a free download PCRadio 6.0 Premium with activation key for a direct link, but before you do this, be sure to read a brief overview of the program, including a list of its positive and negative sides.

  1. Features
  2. The pros and cons
  3. Video
  4. Keys
  5. Download


The list of radio stations that are available in this program is quite broad. There are so many stations of different music styles. There are just news channels, sports broadcasts, scientific transfer and many other interesting things. In general, all that may be needed to man the different preferences.

Our program is focused on to play a radio station from the internet, but it also has a number of additional functions. Let us consider them in more detail:

  • We can record everything that we translate this or that station. In addition, there is supported by saving as individual tracks.
  • There is a list of favorites, which helps to quickly locate your favorite radio station and get access to it.
  • Of course, we can regulate the flow in terms of its quality.
  • For States who have access to other countries can be blocked, it is possible to use a proxy server.
  • for comfortable listening, the program has a graphic equalizer.
  • Present and automatic shut-off timer.
  • There is an alarm clock that at a given time includes selected station.
  • There is an automatic control function playback quality depending on your connection speed.
  • you can search for music even VKontakte, and this base, as you know, is quite extensive.
  • Use the algorithm gentle flow of traffic, which is especially important for mobile connection.
  • There adding function any radio station, which is absent in the base, in manual th mode.

Even that is not all the functions that can boast PCRadio 6.0 Premium. With other features of the software you will be introduced already in use.

Pros & Cons

Consider a list of specific strengths and weaknesses of the application under review by us.

  • Listen to Internet radio stations can be even at low speed, including EDGE-connection.
  • With over thousands of channels from different countries and themes.
  • Fully Russified user interface.
  • The program need not be installed. Accessible and portable-version.
  • The developers are constantly monitoring the relevance of the software, the new version, it gets a little every month.
  • In the radio base is constantly adding new channels, giving diverse repertoire program .
  • The user interface is easy to use. All controls are in place.
  • High system requirements and timing “”””hangĀ».

This application is perfect for users with low network access speed. However, people with a good connection, it will give a good sound quality.


In this video the process of using PCRadio 6.0 Premium is described more clearly. Recommend that you review it carefully and only then proceed to download.


The license key activation has been integrated into when repackaging an application, so take any additional action you will not have to.


according to available button below, you can download the latest Russian version of our application for a direct link. When the file is loaded just install it and start listening to your favorite stations.