PhotoRec 7

PhotoRec 7.2 (x64)

Occasionally it happens that due to accidental formatting or virus work with flash cards disappear photographs or other documents which have been very important. Restore them manually is almost impossible, but do not worry. On our site you can download the utility PhotoRec, able to recover any multimedia data, which were considered lost forever.

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Initially, PhotoRec is a constituent component of the TestDisk package and used for photo recovery, but over time it has become a full-fledged application and now works as documents, video and audio files.


The program returns to the life of not only data from hard drives, but USB-drives, CD-drives and memory cards. At the same time, the cause of the loss does not affect the type of media. PhotoRec is able to scan, locate and restore the entire partition for DOS, FAT 12/16/32, Linux, MAC, NTFS. The program takes up little space on the disk, not on the system resources and does not overload the operating system during recovery.

PhotoRec can be considered an alternative means of recovery, in comparison with analogue applications, it has the highest performance data revived. Kaspersky Lab strongly recommends to use the program to deal with Trojan virus. If your file has been deleted because of the work of the worm, the program will help bring it back to life and will fix all problems.

It is worth noting that after the restoration of files are saved to the location of the default program. You will need to manually select the path. A remarkable feature of PhotoRec – Recover data from Android-devices memory card. The program recovers 400 different file types. These include not only photos, but also other image files, deleted data, documents, archives, video and multimedia data with digital devices.

Order data recovery

  1. To start select the drive or removable storage device from which files have been deleted.
  2. Specify the file system. Working on using Windows, you must specify the NTFS / FAT
  3. To scan to the choice will be presented 2 mode:. Free and Whole. The second method of analysis takes more time, but the only way you will be able to recover the maximum amount of data.
  4. Clicking on the Browse button determines which will be sent to the recovered data.
  5. Next, choose the format for the search. You can select an unlimited number of formats, it is desirable in this case to know the exact file name extension that has been lost.
  6. In the end you need to confirm the scan and go about their business as PhotoRec will restore the information in your chosen earlier folder.

Features PhotoRec :

  1. Ability to backup
  2. The exact analysis of the disk partitions, detailed search. lost files.
  3. Restore any type of data.
  4. Work on the command line.
  5. A thorough return WORD documents, EXCEL.
  6. Easy to use program, a nice interface.
  7. Have tehhpoderzhki and video tutorials on the official website.


on our website is complete version of the program does not require to activate the product or to register on the website developers. PhotoRec setup file has been checked antivirusnik, during the installation does not offer additional software and is a completely free application. Clicking on the link below to start downloading instantly, and in a few minutes to restore a full program will already be on your computer.