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They were looking for a simple program to scan JPG and PDF documents? ScanLite is easy to use, has a pleasant interface language, and with it scans in seconds. The program does not require any additional settings, additional software and fit perfectly if you want to scan a lot of documents as soon as possible.

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activation key

You can access the licensed version ScanLite possible on our website. Working key is embedded in an archive file with the installation.


The program is a perfect solution for users who need to scan a large number of copies of the same document without additional configuration. When you first start the utility prompts you to select a scanner connected to the device, and create a folder to save the scanned material. If desired, you can select another existing location, or simply accept the default settings and begin scanning immediately.

In the settings panel there are a number of simple options that can be customized. If you have multiple scanners, the user is able to select the one on which he wants to work. For images, you can find useful tools and pre-configure the quality of the scanned images or pictures, including the output image format: JPG or PDF. Lovers working on a nice interface are able to choose the theme of appearance ScanLite. In the presence of several dozen programs.

It is worth noting that the program was designed for scan-only, so the developers have tried to make it easy to use and does not contain unwanted software. That is why the main window contains three options: Scan, a location to save the document and filename

  1. Ability to save images in PDF and JPG formats to choose from
  2. .. convenient and simple toolbar.
  3. friendly with all known types of scanners.
  4. Quick scan.
  5. Ability to edit images before scanning.
  6. The presence of about 20 skins appearance utilities

Download sewed key

ScanLite -. the best solution for scanning in the office or at home. She boldly competes with the most popular anti-virus scanner, which are included with the scanner. Analogs occupy much space on your computer and contain a pile of unclaimed functions. In turn, ScanLite convenient, simple and reliable. On our site you will find the full version of the program with sewn-activation key. The utility is not demanding on your computer system and gets the job done in seconds even on the older versions of Windows.