Shadow Defender RePack

Shadow Defender RePack

At the moment, there are many different programs designed to protect your computer. For example, the active utilities include antivirus protecting computer against malicious data attacks in a constant mode. There is also a non-active program dealing with cleaning debris and search for viruses. Now we will focus on Shadow Defender program that preserves the integrity of the operating system by the shadow image.

  1. Activation Key
  2. Features
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activation key

Shadow Defender does not require registration, activation, and additional settings. Version is licensed and available to all with full functionality.


The program works on the principle of creating dynamic copies. To begin, select the file, which will be set up. This will guarantee that any changes to the operating system will not affect the physical contents of the selected objects. All editing will take place only in the shadow copy without affecting the original and preserving its integrity. In other words, the shadow copy – is a virtual environment, within which there is a change

Despite the fact that the utility does not support the language, work in it comfortably and clearly.. Shadow Defender selecting the option, the program prompts you to select individual files or entire disks for which shadow copy is created. When a sufficient amount of RAM, part of it can be sacrificed for faster recording process, which significantly affect the efficiency of the program. Before you can create a copy of the program will ask to keep all the data in front of the regime to maintain the integrity. Confirm this operation, the process is started, and the selected information will be kept unchanged at the time of the utility.

The program also offers to enter into a shadow mode automatically. Since you can sometimes forget to do this manually, many, users use this function to always be safe. To ensure that all data have become invisible in the list of disks, they will be marked with a unique icon. Make files invisible, you can selectively. For example, the user is important to know all the save in the browser. . To do this, you need only note the folder with preservation of history

The main features of Shadow Defender:

  1. Guaranteed protection against viruses and infection by malicious data
  2. protection of the operating system on the changes.
  3. Surfing on the Internet safe.
  4. absolutely secure software testing.
  5. Reboot the system to recover data before they have been modified.

download RePack version

You can download Shadow Defender licensed version without restrictions and free of charge. Already been treated, which means that every user will be able to use the program fully, and will receive the necessary tools to protect their data.