SZ Viewer

SZ Viewer

With this program you can test engine, gearbox and other parts of the vehicle Suzuki. To connect the CAN protocol is used

SZ Viewer -. App for Windows, which allows you to identify and correct errors in the system and the individual components Suzuki car. Compatible machines made both in Japan and in other countries. To connect to the diagnostic socket must be used ELM327 adapter that connects to a computer via Bluetooth or WiFi.


  • automatic transmission,
  • < li> engine,

  • lock braking system of wheels,
  • heating, air conditioning and ventilation,
  • block body control,
  • electronic Stability ,
  • power steering,
  • system for ensuring safety of the driver and passengers.

The connection is made on the protocols K Line and CAN. Unlike standard OBDII, this type of connection allows you to test not only the major, but also the auxiliary units of the machine.

To run the diagnostics you must click on the Connect button and select the device from the list. Once connected, the utility automatically starts scanning all systems.

Error Information

The application allows you to collect information on malfunctions and failures in the work of the individual components. Clicking on the name of the node or system, you can get detailed information about the error code and description. The program also displays troubleshooting tips.

With the help of the utility you can keep track of the change in the parameters of the engine and other components in real time. To do this, go to the tab Monitor».