TLauncher for Minecraft

TLauncher 2.53 for Minecraft

Today, Minecraft has become so popular that name it is very difficult to play. This is a game world that is firmly stuck in the minds of people. If one sentence to describe the toy, you can call her traveling staff on 3D world among the various blocks that can be destroyed and rebuilt.

To get access to the northern games, it requires some of Minecraft launcher to download the correct version. The optimum application for the realization of this is TLauncher. With this program you can download the latest version as the most Minesraft and play older versions. The program is absolutely free and does not require activation keys. The only attachment that you can implement – is a subscription, adds a useful pieces


TLaucher has a nice user interface and fits perfectly into the look of the game.. Downstairs you can watch green plate containing a main menu. Here you can log on to your account, select the version of Minecraft and start playing. You’ll also find a number of options for a comfortable gaming experience and will be able to upgrade to a newer version right here.

The launch is accompanied by an information window, which contains news on updates, a list of changes and optimal servers for the game. The chip launcher – adding a new skin for your character, who minutes assess the other players. If earlier it was necessary for the license (subscription), you now need to register in the official community, log in and then select the desired item. Of course, it would not be such skins, which offers a license, but still it will give uniqueness of you and your hero.

On our website is available fresh version TLauncher, which will automatically go to the server when you start and play from the first second favorite game. You can undo this action by clicking on the icon gears. At the same time, you will find other options. If space is left on the disc, you can select another folder, hide and open version of the game (for example, there are some versions that few people enjoy, and for convenience, it can be removed). Also, you can:

  1. Select the screen resolution (to confirm the default or select a full-screen mode)
  2. To expose a specific server when you run the program
  3. Select the amount of RAM for the game (the more, the better).
  4. Select connection quality.
  5. Select the language (supported languages ​​are English and Ukrainian).
  6. Download

    you’ve probably encountered many launcher, but TLauncher – one of the few elements that make Minecraft as comfortable as possible and giving emotions product. An incredible amount of features, high-quality content, a set of skins and mods that are practically in no way inferior to the license collection. This application is available on our website is absolutely free and with all the bonuses. Create your free packs with mods and resources, and also converts your hero to opponents fear you from one of your presence on the map.