TocaEdit Xbox 360 Controller Emulator download

TocaEdit Xbox 360 Controller Emulator

The default operating system Windows supports gamepads Microsoft’s consoles. And when connecting and using third-party joysticks often have problems -, remapped buttons and other malfunctions sticks. Therefore, it is necessary for the correct settings to use a special emulator that installs the third-party gamepad as a device from the Xbox 360. To download the program TocaEdit Xbox 360 Controller Emulator language, use the link at the end of this page.

In most cases, long name emulator to reduce x360ce. It is with such an abbreviation you will find the program in the instructions or tutorials.

  1. Features
  2. The pros and cons
  3. How to use
  4. Video
  5. The activation key and download


The program to emulate a joystick Xbox 360 provides the following features:

  • calibration, tuning keys, vibration,
  • download and save the settings file,
  • configuration binding to individual games,
  • Tweaking the sensitivity of the stick,
  • wireless connection setup,
  • install the necessary drivers.

Pros & cons

Let us examine the pros and cons of the program TocaEdit Xbox 360 controller Emulator.

  • support for most controllers,
  • layout settings for different games,
  • presence ready configurations.
  • there can be problems with older games,
  • no language.

How to use

The setting x360ce necessary to observe the sequence of actions, otherwise you will not achieve the correct operation of the controller. First unzip program on the PC and run the file that corresponds to the bit installed Windows. Turn the program as an administrator, and connect the gamepad to the computer.

After the launch, you can manually configure all the buttons, if the controller is determined by the application. However, the software offers a universal settings that will suit most common models gamepads. You need to choose the automatic search and download the configuration file was found.

If the device is determined by the system, the tab Controller 1 Controller image becomes active. At the push of a button will be highlighted in the diagram. If any of the keys or sticks are assigned correctly, you can manually correct the settings. Some games do not immediately recognize the controller profile, so you have to copy the configuration file in INI format and insert it into the game folder. Then, select an emulator executable EXE-files from the game. Now when you run the application, the controller will switch to the selected settings.

If the icon next to the tab name lit up in green, the device is ready for use in games.


In the present video details the procedure to install and properly configure the emulator gamepad.

activation key and downloading

Use the provided links you can download the emulator for 32 and 64 -bit OS Windows.