Universal CRT (KB2999226) for Office 2016 Windows 7 64

has not been established Universal CRT (KB2999226) for Office 2016 Windows 7 64

When you install Microsoft Office 2016 on Windows 7, an error may occur, indicating that the Universal CRT desired component (KB2999226). Further attempts to install an office suite without success – is first necessary to deal with this system update. Link to download KB2999226 is attached at the end. In the review, we will talk about ways to install this update -. Will offer the two most effective option

  1. Installing
  2. Manual
  3. Use the system tools
  4. The causes of possible problems
  5. The activation key and download


Startup and connection of any package system updates performed by one of two ways – completely by hand or using the built-in OS tools


to cope with this task can any novice user – just follow the simple algorithm, shown below:.

  1. We go down to the end of the page and download the package on the attached link – recommended installer is the official
  2. Run the downloaded file has MSU format
  3. We wait until the end of the scanning procedure.. agree to the installation.
  4. Close the window, restart the PC.

After reboot, you can re-try to install Microsoft Office 2016 – if the operation was successful, we are considering the error does not appear again

Using the System Tool

If for some unclear. due to hand to solve the problem is not possible (installation procedure is unexpectedly interrupted), you can try to find the right updates in the “”””Center of renovation Windows»

The algorithm of using this method is as follows:.

  1. We use the key combination [knopka] Win [/ knopka] + [knopka] R [/ knopka], to open the “”””Run».
  2. Insert in the field “”””open”””” command «wuapp», Hit “”””OK””””.
  3. Moving to the section “”””Check for updates”””” in the left menu.
  4. We expect the completion of the search process.
  5. Click on the “”””Important”””” to go to the list of fundamental updates.
  6. Find the line “”””Update for Microsoft Windows 7 (KB2999226), celebrating its tick, click on”””” OK. »
  7. clicks m “”””Install”””” button, wait until the completion of the procedure, restart your system

Causes of possible problems

Prevent installation of updates can the following factors:.

  • Stopped system service. Need to go to “”””Control Panel””””, find the “”””Administration””””, to move to the “”””Services”””” and start the “”””Update””””. If you are interested in the item is already active, you need to stop it, and then start again.
  • Not enough free space on the disk. The issue before us is quite a hefty update – before installing make sure you have sufficient space
  • The activity of viruses.. Check the PC any available antivirus utilities
  • Registry errors, crashes at startup, and the like -. Requires greater scrutiny

Activation key and downloading

By clicking the button below, you run KB2999226 download.