Wallet – Finance and Budget

Wallet – Finance and Budget 8.2.271

Wallet Finance and Budget – a purse will help create a dynamic plan for financial control and achieve their goals. To actively plan and manage finances, along with people who you trust. Use multiple currencies, join banks and financial institutions. Get complete control over your finances.

  • Automatic Updates bank. Transactions are automatically synchronized, and secure way with your bank, automatically categorized and keep the budget okay. 4000 banks podderzhuemye program will save a lot of your personal time, because it will no longer need to write down every penny
  • Flexible budgets -. Budgets help you plan for the future. All what you want to achieve – whether the repayment of debts, buying a car or saving for retirement – Wallet provides multi-functionality, which will help in achieving the goals and a quick response to changes finasovoy situations
  • Detailed Reports -. Easy to understand graphics, financial reviews, which pomagajut understand the state of your finances on the current, credit score, and also to understand the debt situation and cash flow finance.
  • Sharing the selected accounts. Selected accounts can be used together with family, friends or colleagues with whom you need to control the budget. Anyone can use the program with any platform, be it Android, iPhone or Web
  • Other features,. Support for multiple currencies, automatic synchronization, checks and safeguards categories and templates, geo-location, hashtags, shopping lists export to CSV / XLS / PDF, debt management, pIN code lock, notifications, and more.