Winforms HTML-editor

Winforms HTML-editor

Does anyone know a good free HTML-editor for .NET winforms. Ideally I would like html and preview modes along with the ability to export to PDF, Word DOC or the like

Another useful feature -. Paste from word that removes all unnecessary tags, which you usually face, but, again, it is good when it is not required.

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you can use the WebBrowser control in design mode with a second WebBrowser control is set to Playback mode.

in order to put the WebBrowser control in design mode, you can use the following code.

This code is a super stripped-down version of the WYSIWYG-editor for one of our software products.

Just create a new form, write WebBrowser run it and put it in Form.Load,

I’m thinking about using Writer by Lutz Roeder (famous Reflector). Basic HTML editor written entirely in C #, is supplied with the source code as it is. Look for it in http,//

SpiceLogic .NET WinForms HTML Editor Control, not free, but it covers everything that you are looking for. In particular, the function paste from MS Word is really effective. Pressing this button the Paste MS Word, you insert the contents of the clipboard into the editor, clear the MS Word specific tags and generate clean XHTML. If MS Word contains several images, the editor also finds these images, and output XHTML will contain an image tag with the correct paths to these images.

I also had many other problems, including the need to write a change in logic size in jscript to get the size of the HTML-editor with the WinForm form and the need to capture colors form / coontrol default HTML-editor to make it look like the writer, and then changed by the user. color schemes on Windows.

So if I need to do it again, I would use a third-party editor HTML (free or paid)