Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner – a free, smart and efficient hard drive cleaner personal device unused / unneeded file data

Wise Disk Cleaner is truly effective in the plan. release and save disk space, which is achieved by removing the system defragmentation and garbage. The program has a really high-quality user interface, both in terms of accessibility and functionality, and with the visual / design side.

Download Free Wise Disk Cleaner PC, launch the executable file exe as an administrator and reinstall the system hard drive is selected by default.

it should be noted, it is not positioned as a multi-purpose machine for the care of the operating system, and is highly directional software tool to safely remove useless for user files. Users interact with Wise Disk Cleaner through the four tabs of the program,. General cleaning, cleaning systems, defragment drives and additional cleaning

The application has a rather transparent, simple and, most importantly, quickly. Before the procedure, system cleaning is recommended to thoroughly revise the list of unwanted objects are sent to the removal, as well as take care of creation / write recovery and / or backup points.

In order to user time savings and efficiency Wise Disk Cleaner with its own scheduler may indicate intervals of background cleaning system, as well as create a special shortcut quick file deletion on the desktop.

Download Wise Disk Cleaner from the official website can be free in English and is recommended for users who have not enough space left on your hard drive. On the application of Wise Disk Cleaner can easily say that the utility is affordable, modern software with excellent functionality and capabilities.