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WPS Office v11.2.0.9629

WPS Office – a worthy alternative to the Microsoft Office office suite developed by Chinese developers. The utility contains within a text editor, spreadsheet, and the application manager for presentations. Discuss in this article about the main features of the utility, select the benefits and identify deficiencies WPS.

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activation key

WPS Office is shareware. In the demo assembly you will encounter limitations in functionality, so we suggest downloading it from our premium version of the site. The installation file was embedded activation key with which removed all restrictions, while you do not need to pay.


Package text products perfectly with Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and LibreOffice. It supports Word, Excel and Power Point. The interface is as close to an analog office from Microsoft so if you have worked with other similar software, WPS Office will not make you work. A remarkable feature is the small size of the application. Due to the fact that it does not load the system and consumes a small amount of resources, the utility can safely be used on the weak and old computers. Inside you will find a wide range of tools for word processing and spreadsheets, for example, for Word there are about 250 different fonts and about 100 templates for your projects.

The application has been able to save and convert documents to PDF format. For seven days you will be able to access their documents in the tab “”””History””””. Also, the problem with the computer’s memory, because the projects you will be able to store in the cloud service, which is guaranteed to protect your data

WPS Office is a multiplatform tool:. There is support for Windows, Linux and Android. Is available on our website version for Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10. During installation, you will be offered to install additional utilities that do not play a role for the WPS, so carefully read all offers installation wizard.

With regards to the interface, it has the appearance of a tape. All buttons, functions and options are presented on top of the tape. The tape can be hidden and open in one click, which adds maximum comfort for work. Available plurality of skins to change the appearance. In the upper panel by clicking on the icon t-shirts, you can change the color of the working interface of the window and choose the skin.

Key features

  • a powerful text editor,
  • creating spreadsheets and presentations,
  • built-in Google search engine bar,
  • support cloud service,
  • compatible with Windows 10,
  • saving documents in PDF,
  • the processing and printing of documents,
  • support for all known office formats.

The disadvantages are significant limitations in the demo WPS Office. In general, the utility does not have weaknesses, and we can safely assert that Chinese developers have done a quality software that meets all the requirements of office programs. A wide range of tools as close to any analog commercial applications.

Download sewed key

WPS Office Demo greatly limit your possibilities. The test assembly you will not even be able to save documents in several formats, and Premium-version is not everyone can afford. We have for you an advantageous offer: premium collection you download from our web site is guaranteed free of charge. The installation file was sewn activation key that opens the access to advanced functionality.